Dierks Bentley – Tip It On Back

I See Main Street Closing Miles Of “For Sale” Signs And Them Fields Ain’t Growing Fast Enough To Get Us By I Feel The Sweet Release, Of A Friday Night For A Couple Of Hours We Can Run This Town Till It Runs Dry Tip It On Back, Make It Feel Good Sip A Little..


Ronnie Milsap – I Love New Orleans Music

Well, i’ve never been to new orleans I don’t even know what creole means But oh, i love the way they play and sing Down in the land of the voodoo queen. Oh, i love new orleans music Dixieland sweet jelly roll Oh, i love new orleans music I love it down to my soul…


Casey James – Love The Way You Miss Me

Girl The Way You’re Talkin’ Now And Everything We’re Talkin’ About Ain’t No Way, No How I Can Put This Phone Down Even Though We’re Miles Apart I Can Feel You Touchin’ My Heart Lyin’ Here In The Dark Wishin’ I Was Where You Are CHORUS: Baby, You’re Driving Me Crazy Girl If I Could,..


Bradley Gaskin – I Hate That Beach

Ten years ago we were dressed our best Standing on a shore down at key west At the end of a long black top called highway one Family and friends, flowers, wedding vows A beautiful day and the music loud Every picture on the page just reminds me That i hate palm trees And i..


Dave Alvin – New Tattoo

Dave alvin (blue horn toad music, bmi, administered by bug music) Well i’m leavin’ this mornin’ baby Gonna ride that new highway Yeah i’m leavin’ this mornin’ baby Gonna ride that new highway And the more you cry the more you gonna drive me away. I ain’t got no family Ain’t got no wife or..


Toby Keith – Who’s That Man

Turn Left At The Old Hotel I Know This Boulevard Much Too Well It Hasn’t Changed Since I’ve Been Gone Oh This Used To Be My Way Home They Paved The Road Through The Neighborhood I Guess The County Finally Fixed It Good It Was Gettin’ Rough Someone Finally Complained Enough Fight The Tears Back..


Alan Jackson – Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow

Daddy Won A Radio He Tuned It To A Country Show I Was Rocking In The Cradle To The Crying Of A Steel Guitar Mama Used To Sing To Me She Taught Me That Sweet Harmony Now She Worries ’cause She Never Thought I’d Really Ever Take It This Far Singin’ In The Bars. Chorus:..