Brett Eldredge – Lose My Mind

You put me on a roller coaster, fly me on a plane You send me to another planet, get inside my brain I knew right when i met you i would never be the same But i let you take me over, girl, so i’m the one to blame, oh You… make all my screws..


Miranda Lambert – White Liar

Hey White Liar The Truth Comes Out A Little At A Time And It Spreads Just Like A Fire Slips Off Of Your Tongue Like Turpentine And I Don’t Know Why White Liar You Better Be Careful What You Do I Wouldn’t Wanna Be In Your Shoes If They Ever Found You Out You Better..


Reba Mcentire – Do Right By Me

Sometimes you treat me so cruel. I don’t think i can take it. Sometimes you hurt me so bad, i just wanna die. But in a moment like this. With a tender touch and a lover’s kiss, You put all of my Pain aside and i say to you with my eyes, Do right by..


Brantley Gilbert – Outlaw In Me

She says baby what’s that scar from? I said, girl you don’t wanna know. She said, what about this one? that one? Girl that was a long time ago. She kisses and traces everyone with her hands. The look on her face says that she understands. My baby don’t try to change me. Cuz she..


Cyndi Thomson – My World

La, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la My world is one long Hot day in georgia ’til the moon shines through the pines And my world is sweet as the honeysuckle Hangin’ from the vine What’s is like in your world baby? Won’t you let me in What’s it like in your baby?..


Toby Keith – I Wanna Talk About Me

Yeah, Yeah That’s Right We Talk About Your Work How Your Boss Is A Jerk We Talk About Your Church And Your Head When It Hurts We Talk About The Troubles You Been Having With Your Brother About Your Daddy And Your Mother And Your Crazy Ex-lover We Talk About Your Friends And The Places..


Trace Adkins – Hot Mama

You’re doing all you can To get in them old jeans You want that body back You had at 17 Now baby, don’t get down Don’t you worry ’bout a thing cuz the way you’re fillin out, Hey Thats alright with me I don’t want the girl you used to be And if you aint..