Country Music Videos

Country music has come a long way since its early days. Unlike some of the artists of today who are playing to large scale stadiums and concert festivals, the origins of country music fall in American folk music, Western and blues.

Some of the earliest examples of real country music began in the 1920s in the southern United States. In most cases country music usually falls into the categories of ballads, dancing tunes or even borderline folk or rock ‘n roll. Generally it’s created using acoustic guitars, electric guitars, fiddles harmonicas and banjos.

Some of the first country superstars began out of the Atlanta music scene. In the early 1920s there were a variety of Appalachian people who came into Atlanta to work at some of the massive cotton mills, with their labor they also brought their music which would continue to be performed in small performance all is as well as be recorded in several small studios up until the 1950s. These first generations of country music would refine themselves into Western music, which are the cowboy songs we generally hear in early country, bluegrass music and honky-tonk music. It wasn’t until the third generation of country musicians that we started to see styles similar to Elvis Presley’s country music, and Johnny Cash’s rockabilly style. Some of these country songs and country lyrics from the 1950s and 60s are still some of the most treasured songs and country artists today.

Country Music Today

Today’s country scene is more vibrant than ever before. In today’s digital age it’s much easier for country artists to display their talents online and to showcase a number of country music videos. On this website you will find a variety of country music videos, country lyrics, country songs and resources to find out more about all of your favorite country artists and to discover new music.

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Buck Owens – Tiger By The Tail

I’ve got a tiger by the tail, it’s plain to see; I won’t be much when you get thru’ with me. Well, i’m a losing weight and a turnin’ mighty pale. Looks like i’ve got a tiger by the tail. Well, i thought the day i met you, you were meek as a lamb; Just […]


Sugarland – Tonight

If Words Could Make It Real I’d Tell You How I Feel Instead I’m Waiting Here On My Knees Love I Know How It Feels To Breathe With You Beside Me I Think About It Always….. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight I’m Waiting For, Waiting For The Night Tonight, Tonight, Tonight I’m Waiting For, Waiting Forrrrrr A […]


Waylon Jennings – Dukes Of Hazzard

Just’ Two Good Ol’ Boys Never Meanin’ No Harm Beats All You Ever Saw Been In Trouble With The Law Since The Day They Was Born. Staightnin’ The Curves Flatnin’ The Hills Someday The Mountain Might Get ’em But The Law Never Will. Makin’ Their Way The Only Way They Know How That’s Just A […]


Taylor Swift – Fearless

There’s somethin’ about the way The street looks when it’s just rained There’s a glow off the pavement Walk me to the car And you know I wanna ask you to dance right there In the middle of the parking lot Yeah Oh, yeah We’re drivin’ down the road I wonder if you know I’m […]


Randy Rogers Band – One More Goodbye

Baby, I Know It’s Late But I Just Couldn’t Sleep I Got Up To Go For A Drive And I Wound Up On Your Street I Know That We Said We Shouldn’t Do This Anymore Ah, But Lonely Is Prone To Forget So, I’m Standing At Your Door Well, Maybe It’s Not Right Maybe That […]


Eric Church – Springsteen

To This Day When I Hear That Song I See You Standin’ There All Night Long Discount Shades, Store Bought Tan Flip Flops And Cut-off Jeans Somewhere Between That Setting Sun I’m On Fire And Born To Run You Looked At Me And I Was Done And We’re, We’re Just Getting Started I Was Singin’ […]


Aaron Tippin – Alabama Song

Are You Going To Alabama Where The Trees Grow Tall And Green I’d Like To See The Gulf Of Mexico If You’re Going, Won’t You Take Me Are You Going To Alabama Where The Skies Shine Bright And Blue I’d Like To See The Old Tombigbee If You’re Going, I Want To Go With You […]