Brett Eldredge – You Can’t Stop Me

Wall to wall, it’s packed Give your hands a smack ___? my watch Vip is in the back Hear the beat of the music playing Rat pack, hi-hat swaying I’ll blaze it up and braise it I’m saying Just like the roof is on fire So turn up the heat All my friends are here..


Collin Raye – On The Verge

Well they shouldn’t have played that good I got carried away and let the music go to my head Well she shouldn’t have worn that dress The way it curled around when she was spinning Just killed me dead My heart had began to tell my body and my soul, That it had gotten in..


Darius Rucker – Together Anything’s Possible

Woke up to a beautiful sun shining brightly in the east Want to have it shine on everyone the way it’s shining on me We got such a long way to go and we got so much to do But i made a promise to myself i’d be right here for you I feel the..


Alabama – Mountain Music

(Words and Music by Randy Owen)Chorus:Oh, play me some mountain music,Like grandma and grandpa used to play.Then I’ll float on down the riverTo a Cajun hideaway.Drift away like Tom Sawyer, ride a raft with ol’ Huck Finn.Take a nap like Rip Van Winkle, daze dreamin’ again.ChorusOh, play me some mountain music,Like grandma and grandpa used..


Billy Currington – Love Done Gone

Don’t Worry, Baby, Sometimes Things Change Nothin’ We Can Do About It Now, No Way This Doesn’t Come Easy, But That’s Just Life We Can’t Keep Pretendin’ Everything’s Alright We Told Each Other It Was Love Before The Simple Truth Is It Just Ain’t No More The Bells Stop Ringin’, The Music Won’t Play The..


Deana Carter – We Danced Anyway

The summer air was heavy and sweet You and i on a crowded street There was music everywhere, i can see us there In a happy little foreign town Where the stars hung upside down A half a world away, far, far away I remember you were laughing We were so in love, we were..


The Uncle Bill Roach Band – Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas

Words And Music By Mike Slagle (Chorus) Well I’m A Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas.Yeah I Love That Panhandle Town Just A Little North Of Amarillo,a Little West Of Where The Sun Goes Down And If You Come On Up To Dumas You Can Be A Ding Dong Daddy As Well I’m Just A Ding..