Toby Keith – Love Me If You Can

Sometimes Think That War Is Necessary Every Night I Pray For Peace Of Earth I Hand Down My Dollars To The Homeless But Believe That Every Able Soul Should Work My Father Gave Me My Shotgun, That I’ll Hand Down To My Son Try To Teach Him Everything It Means I’m A Man Of My..


Easton Corbin – I Can T Love You Back

I Can Love You In The Morning I Can Love You All Day I Can Love You Even More When I Get Home I Can Love You Every Second To The Ends Of The Earth Where Needing You’s The Only Thing That’s On My Broken One Track Mind [Chorus] Girl, I Love You Crazy It..


Brett Eldredge – Drunk On Your Love

Verse 1] The second she walked through the door, i caught buzz One taste from your lips knocked me out just like a drug The rest of the night’s kind of blurry Now the sun’s peeking through the shades I can’t help but laugh cause i kind of like feeling this way [chorus] I woke..


Shania Twain – Don’t Be Stupid (you Know I Love You)

You’re So Complicated You Hang Over My Shoulder When I Read My Mail I Don’t Appreciate It When I Talk To Other Guys You Think They’re On My Tail I Get So Aggravated When I Get Off The Phone And I Get The Third Degree I’m Really Feelin’ Frustrated Why Don’t You Take A Pill..


Darryl Worley – When You Need My Love

Two in the mornin’, telephone rings Somehow i knew it who was Cause baby it’s always the same old thing When you need my love You say it’s over again and again This time you’ve had enough Girl, i know you’ve been fightin’ with him When you need my love Oh i wish i could..


Tim Mcgraw – It’s Your Love

Dancin’ in the dark, middle of the night Takin’ your heart and holdin’ it tight Emotional touch, touchin’ my skin And askin’ you to do What you’ve been doin’ all over again Oh, it’s a beautiful thing Don’t think i can keep it all in I just gotta let you know What it is that..


Scotty Mccreery – I Love You This Big

I Know I’m Still Young But, I Know How I Feel I Might Not Have Too Much Experience But, I Know When Love Is Real. By The Way My Heart Starts Pounding When I Look Into Your Eyes I Might Look A Little Silly Standing With My Arms Stretched Open Wide. I Love You This..