Chase Rice – Bring On Summer

Its Time To Trade In The Boots For Your Favorite Flops, Finally Flip The Switch On That Drop Top. Rock Out The Ray Bands You Bought, It’s Time To Bring On The Summer. It’s Time To Ice Down The Coolers, Load Em’ Up With Beer. Buffets In Town You’ve Been Waitin’ All Year, To Hear..


Taylor Swift – Tim McGraw

You Said The Way My Blue Eyes Shined Put Those Georgia Stars To Shame That Night I Said, That’s A Lie Just A Boy In A Chevy Truck, That Had A Tendency Of Gettin’ Stuck On Backroads At Night An’ I Was Right There Beside Him All Summer Long An’ Then The Time We Woke..


Br5-49 – Too Lazy To Work Too Nervous To Steal

Well i met you in the middle of a bar room fight In a cheap hotel on the missouri side I had you out in my car in the parking lot Early next morning we were driving east Headed for the big city where i felt at least We could enjoy the weather as long..


Shawn Mullins – Billy Jo Mckay (live)

My name’s billy jo mckay Just turned sixteen yesterday I’m gonna get the nerve one day To get outta here My mom passed on three years ago they said It was cancer and it took her slow Ever since then i’ve been Sayin’ no to my daddy and my tears If you come down our..


Tim McGraw – Shes My Kind Of Rain

“She’s My Kind Of Rain” She’s My Kind Of Rain Like Love In A Drunken Sky She’s Confetti Falling Down All Night She Sits Quietly There Like Water In A Jar Says, Baby Why Are You Trembling Like You Are So I Wait And I Try I Confess Like A Child She’s My Kind Of..


Craig Morgan – Almost Home

He had plastic bags wrapped round his shoes. He was covered with the evening news. Had a pair of old wool socks on his hands. The bank sign was flashing five below, It was freezing rain an’ spittin’ snow. He was curled up behind some garbage cans. I was afraid that he was dead. I..


Lady Antebellum – American Honey

She Grew Up On A Side Of The Road Where The Church Bells Ring And Strong Love Grows She Grew Up Good She Grew Up Slow Like American Honey Steady As A Preacher Free As A Weed Couldn’t Wait To Get Goin’ But Wasn’t Quite Ready To Leave So Innocent, Pure And Sweet American Honey..