Alan Jackson – Tall, Tall Trees

If you want to drive a big limousine I’ll buy the longest one you’ve ever seen I’ll buy you tall, tall trees On all the waters and the seas I’m a fool, fool, fool for you If you want to own a great big mansion Well i’ll give it my utmost attention I’ll buy you..


Shania Twain – Up!

It’s ’bout As Bad As It Could Be Seems Everybody’s Buggin’ Me Like Nothing Wants To Go My Way – Yeah, It Just Ain’t Been My Day Nothin’s Commin’ Easily Even My Skin Is Acting Weird I Wish That I Could Grow A Beard Then I Could Cover Up My Spots – Not Play Connect..


Alan Jackson – Summertime Blues

Well I’m a-gonna raise a fuss, I’m gonna raise a holler About workin’ all summer just to try an’ earn a dollar Everytime I call my baby, to try to get a date My boss says, No dice, son, you gotta work late Sometimes I wonder what I’m gonna do ‘Cause there ain’t no cure..


Alan Jackson – It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere

The Sun Is Hot And That Old Clock Is Movin’ Slow, An’ So Am I. Work Day Passes Like Molasses In Wintertime, But It’s July. I’m Gettin’ Paid By The Hour, An’ Older By The Minute. My Boss Just Pushed Me Over The Limit. I’d Like To Call Him Somethin’, I Think I’ll Just Call..


Alan Jackson – A Woman’s Love

I Have Felt It And I Have Held It I Have Known A Woman’s Love And I Have Tasted And I Have Wasted A Woman’s Love And I Know I’ll Never Understand All The Little Things That Make It Grand A Woman’s Love And I Know I’ll Never Come Face To Face With Anything That..


Alan Jackson – It’s Alright To Be A Redneck

Ba Ba Bom, Ba Ba Bom, Ba Ba Bom, Ba Bom Ba Bom, Bom Ba Ba Bom, Ba Ba Bom, Ba Ba Bom, Ba Bom, Bom. It’s Alright To Be A Redneck It’s Alright To Ride Around In A Dirty Ol’ Truck Catch A Bunch Of Fish And Shoot A Bunch Of Duck It’s Alright..


Alan Jackson – Gone Country

She’s Been Playing In A Room On A Strip For Ten Years In Vegas And Every Night She Looks In The Mirror But She Only Ages She’s Been Reading About Nashville And All The Records That Everybody’s Buying Says, “i’m A Simple Girl Myself Grew Up On Long Island” So She Packs Her Bags To..