Miranda Lambert – Me And Charlie Talking

Me And Charlie Boy Used To Go Walkin’ Sittin’ In The Woods Behind My House When Being Lovers Meant A Stolen Kiss And Holding Hands With Nobody Else Around Charlie Said, He Wanted To Get Married But We Were Only Ten So We’d Have To Wait He Said, We’d Never Let Our Love Run Dry..


Toby Keith – I Wanna Talk About Me

Yeah, Yeah That’s Right We Talk About Your Work How Your Boss Is A Jerk We Talk About Your Church And Your Head When It Hurts We Talk About The Troubles You Been Having With Your Brother About Your Daddy And Your Mother And Your Crazy Ex-lover We Talk About Your Friends And The Places..


Casey James – So Sweet

Used To Set My Life On Cruise Control Days Just Rollin’ On Thought I Was Doing All Right Alone Then I Saw Your Smile, And Then You Looked My Way And Everything Changed CHORUS: And I Don’t Know How I Got By How I Survived Life Living Without You Know Now What I Was Missin’..


Toby Keith – I’m Just Talkin’ About Tonight

Well, I’m Not Talkin Bout Locking Down Forever, Baby. That Would Be Too Demanding. I’m Just Talkin Bout Two Lonely People Who Might Reach A Little Understanding. I’m Not Talkin Bout Knocking Out Heaven With Whether We’re Wrong Or We’re Right. I’m Not Talkin Bout Hooking Up And Hanging Out. I’m Just Talkin Bout Tonight…


Billy Ray Cyrus – Talk Some

Well, hold on baby, something’s happenin’ here I read your body language perfectly clear But, something’s fishy baby, baby, It’s like the cat got your tongue Well you done proved you ain’t shy, honey Look me in the eye and talk some I know you’re there baby, i hear you breathin’ Let’s use some caution..


Shania Twain – Home Ain’t Where His Heart Is

He Knew How To Reach Me Deep Inside And He Found A Part Of Me I Could Not Hide. And We’d Walk And Talk And Touch Tenderly Then He’d Lay Me Down And Make Love To Me We Built A Love So Strong It Couldn’t Break There Was Not A Road We Were Afraid To..


Shania Twain – Love Gets Me Every Time

Life Was Goin’ Great Love Was Gonna Have To Wait Was In No Hurry, Had No Worries Stayin’ Single Was The Plan Didn’t Need A Steady Man Had It Covered, ’til I Dicovered Bridge: That Love Gets Me Every Time My Heart Changed My Mind I Gol’ Darn Gone And Done It Chorus: Gone And..