Shania Twain – Love Gets Me Every Time

Life Was Goin’ Great Love Was Gonna Have To Wait Was In No Hurry, Had No Worries Stayin’ Single Was The Plan Didn’t Need A Steady Man Had It Covered, ’til I Dicovered Bridge: That Love Gets Me Every Time My Heart Changed My Mind I Gol’ Darn Gone And Done It Chorus: Gone And..


Randy Travis – Forever And Ever, Amen

You may think that i’m talking foolish You’ve heard that i’m wild and i’m free You may wonder how i can promise you now This love that i feel for you always will be. Your not just time that i’m killing I’m no longer one of those guys As sure as i live this love..


Billy Ray Cyrus – Somebody Said A Prayer

Just a single mom raisin up the kids Little tommy’s seven now and her daughter justine just turned ten Pinchin every cent laughin and lovin and content You would never think a couple years ago she almost let her job, Her kids, her mind, Her life go up in smoke right there on the edge..


Dierks Bentley – When You Gonna Come Around

I Been Knowin’ You For A Little While You Never Fail To Make Me Smile We’ve Never Been Together Is Just Something We Talk About When You Gonna Come Around? When You Gonna Come Around? I’m The Kind That Likes To Take It Slow. Well That’s Just The Kind I’d Like To Get To Know…


Brooks & Dunn – Only In America

Sun comin’ up over new york city School bus driver in a traffic jam Starin’ at the faces in her rear view mirror Lookin’ at the promise of the promised land. One kid dreams of fame and fortune One kid helps pay the rent One could end up goin’ to prison One just might be..


Randy Rogers Band – Kiss Me In The Dark

Sailor Sail, Cowboys Ride, Lovers Love When They Get The Chance Take It Slow, Turn Down The Light, Soft And Low, Let The Shadows Dance Baby, Dont Hold Back Chorus: Kiss Me In The Dark, Roll Me Through The Night Hold Me Like You’ll Never Let Me Go Hit Me With Your Heart, Till The..


Michael Ray – Somewhere South

I think about blazing heat I think about small talk I think about the trash piling up in the back of a truck on cinder blocks I think about lawn chairs Watermelon on a paper plate I think about tea in a pitcher on a porch that’s drowning in sugar cane Oh i think i..