Bradley Gaskin – I Hate That Beach

Ten years ago we were dressed our best Standing on a shore down at key west At the end of a long black top called highway one Family and friends, flowers, wedding vows A beautiful day and the music loud Every picture on the page just reminds me That i hate palm trees And i..


Brad Paisley – Water

Inflatable pool full of dad’s hot air I was three years old splashin’ everywhere And so began my love affair with water On a riverbank with all my friends A big ol’ rope tied to a limb And your a big ol’ wuss if you don’t jump in the water Yeah when that summer sun..


Br5-49 – Too Lazy To Work Too Nervous To Steal

Well i met you in the middle of a bar room fight In a cheap hotel on the missouri side I had you out in my car in the parking lot Early next morning we were driving east Headed for the big city where i felt at least We could enjoy the weather as long..