Toby Keith – Love Me If You Can

Sometimes Think That War Is Necessary Every Night I Pray For Peace Of Earth I Hand Down My Dollars To The Homeless But Believe That Every Able Soul Should Work My Father Gave Me My Shotgun, That I’ll Hand Down To My Son Try To Teach Him Everything It Means I’m A Man Of My..


Toby Keith – Big Ol’ Truck

Yeah You Can See The Girl Comin’ From A Mile Away She Got Her Big Wheels Turnin’ She’s Got Oklahoma Plates She’s Got Her Sun Roof Up She’s Got Her Window Rolled Down And You Oughta Feel The Ground Shakin’ When She Comes To Town Chorus: Yeah I’m In Love With The Girl And Her..


Toby Keith – Big Blue Note

See That Big Blue Note Over There On The Counter You Don’t Wanna Read That Thing Man It’s A Real Getcha Downer But Don’t You Dare Say Nothing Else, Bad About Her Cause She’s Gone No, No, No, No Don’t Throw It Away, Cause Tonight I Might Need It It Gets Real Lonley Around Here..


Toby Keith – Country Comes To Town

Well The Weatherman Said It Might Storm Today I Gotta Hit The Field Gotta Bale Some Hay And I Can’t Let It Rain On My Daddy’s Farm Till I Get It All Stacked High In The Barn And I’m Gonna Call My Baby She’s Been Waiting On Me She Lives Down Town On Sycamore Street..


Toby Keith – Beer For My Horses

Well A Man Come On The 6 Oclock News Said Somebodys Been Shot, Somebodys Been Abused Somebody Blew Up A Building Somebody Stole A Car Somebody Got Away Somebody Didnt Get Too Far Yeah They Didnt Get Too Far Grandpappy Told My Pappy, Back In My Day, Son A Man Had To Answer For The..


Toby Keith – Should’ve Been A Cowboy

I’ll bet you never heard ol’ Marshall Dillon say Miss Kitty have you ever thought of runnin’ away Or settlin’ down, would you marry me If I asked you twice and begged you pretty please She’d of said yes in a New York minute They never tied the knot, his heart wasn’t in it He..


Toby Keith – As Good As I Once Was

She Said, “i’ve Seen You Here Before.” I Said, “i’ve Been Here A Time Or Two.” She Said, “hello My Name Is Bobby Jo Meet My Twin Sister Betty Lou And We’re Both Feeling Kinda Wild Tonight And Your The Only Cowboy In This Place And If You’re Up For A Rodeo I’ll Put A..