Toby Keith – Courtesy Of The Red White And Blue (the Angry American)

American Girls And American Guys Will Always Stand Up And Salute Will Always Recognize When We See Ol’ Glory Flyin’ There’s A Lot Of Men Dead So We Can Sleep At Peace At Night When We Lay Down Our Heads My Daddy Served In The Army Where He Lost His Right Eye But He Flew..


Toby Keith – Getcha Some

Well Boy Meets Girl And It’s A Good Bet Girls Gonna Play A Little Hard To Get But They Both Got The Same Thing On Their Mind Ain’t That The Way That The World Goes Round Don’t It Get You Up Get You Down It Gets You Walking Around With A Flashlight Trying To Find..


Toby Keith – A Little Too Late

It’s A Little Too Late I’m A Little Too Gone A Little To Tired Of This Hangin’ On So I’m Lettin’ Go While I’m Still Strong Enough To It’s Got A Little Too Sad I’m A Little Too Blue It’s A Little Too Bad You Were Too Good To Be True I’m Big Time Over..


Toby Keith – American Ride

Winter Gettin Colder, Summer Gettin Warmer. Tidal Wave Comin Cross The Mexican Border. Why Buy A Gallon, When Its Cheaper By The Barrel. Just Dont Be Busted Singin Christmas Carols. Thats Us, Thats Right Gotta Love This American Ride. Both Ends Of The Ozone Burnin. Funny How The World Keeps Turnin. Look Ma, No Hands…


Toby Keith – Cryin’ For Me (wayman’s Song)

Got The News On Friday Morning But A Tear I Couldn’t Find You Showed Me How I Am Supposed To Live Now You Showed Me How To Die I Was Lost Til Sunday Morning I Woke Up To Face My Fear While Writing You This Good Bye Song I Found A Tear I’m Gunna Miss..


Toby Keith – Who’s Your Daddy?

Here You Come Knockin’ On My Door Baby Tell Me What You Got On Your Mind I Guess Those College Boys All Went Home For The Summertime And You’re Lookin’ Right, Lookin’ Good, Lookin’ Like A Woman Should So Why Is It So Hard To Find A Place To Lay Your Pretty Little Head Down..


Toby Keith – A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action

I Was Getting Kinda Tired Of Her Endless Chatter Nothing I Could Say Ever Seemed To Matter So I Took A Little Drive Just To Clear My Head I Saw A Flashing Neon Up Ahead It Looked Like A Place To Find Some Satisfaction With A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action I..