Taylor Swift – The Best Day

I’m Five Years Old And It’s Getting Cold I’ve Got My Big Coat On I Hear Your Laugh And Look Up Smiling At You I Run And Run Past The Pumpkin Patch And The Tractor Rides Look Now The Sky Is Gold I Hug Your Legs And Fall Asleep On The Way Home I Don’t..


Darius Rucker – Come Back Song

I Woke Up Again This Morning And Wouldn’t You Know It… Pouring Rain I Went And Burned A Pot Of Coffee And Like That I Poured It Down The Drain ‘Cause I Didn’t Know I Needed You So And Letting You Go Was Wrong And Baby I Know You Got Your Radio On So This..


Cledus T. Judd – Did I Shave My Back For This?

A mason jar full of shine, a cd of leann rhimes Is what i bought for our anniversary tonight Now here i stand with my petunias in hand And you’ve got a headache again I hit a yard sale, cut my toenails Trimmed my nose hairs just right I thought you’d be impressed by my..


Billy Ray Cyrus – Back To Tennessee

Fancy Cars And Diamond Rings, I Seen All Kinds Of Shiny Things, I Should Be Feelin’ Like A King, But Lord I Don’t. Great Big Towns, So Full Of Users. Make A Million, Still A Loser. Some May Bet On You To Win, Most Hope You Won’t. Livin’ Wild, Ain’t No Mercy Being Free, When..


Gretchen Wilson – Blue Collar Done Turn Red

I still think about the way it was When you could still speak your mind Back when uncle sam put a gun in your hand And he laid it all on the line Well my grandaddy never did have any trouble With standin’ up for what he believed People today seem to be ashamed of..


Reba Mcentire – Do Right By Me

Sometimes you treat me so cruel. I don’t think i can take it. Sometimes you hurt me so bad, i just wanna die. But in a moment like this. With a tender touch and a lover’s kiss, You put all of my Pain aside and i say to you with my eyes, Do right by..


Juice Newton – Love’s Been A Little Bit Hard On Me

I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of Love’s been a little bit hard on me If i shy away it’s only because Love’s been a little bit hard on me (love’s been a little) Oh, love’s been a little (love’s been a little bit hard on me) (love’s been a little) You know just been..