Casey James – Love The Way You Miss Me

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Casey James – Love The Way You Miss Me Lyrics

Girl The Way You’re Talkin’ Now
And Everything We’re Talkin’ About
Ain’t No Way, No How
I Can Put This Phone Down
Even Though We’re Miles Apart
I Can Feel You Touchin’ My Heart
Lyin’ Here In The Dark
Wishin’ I Was Where You Are

Baby, You’re Driving Me Crazy
Girl If I Could, You Know I Would
Be Right There Right Now
Baby, You’re Making Me Lose My Mind
And I’m Counting Down The Days ’til I Get Home
I Love The Way You Miss Me When I’m Gone


You Know What I Want To Hear
Girl You’re Comin’ In Loud And Clear
Like Sweet Music To My Ears
What I’d Do If You Were Here


Girl I Hate These Nights
When I Can’t Hold You Tight
Because I Know By Your Side
Is Right Where I Belong