Blake Shelton – A Guy With A Girl

Sometimes i’m the guy with the boys kicking it back Or the guy with the guitar singing on a country track I might be the guy with an ice cold can, Stirring up dust on some old farmland When i walk into the party with you girl, you change all that I’m just the guy..


Keith Urban – Blue Ain’t Your Color

Blue ain’t your color I can see you over there Staring at your drink Watching that ice sink All alone tonight And chances are You’re sitting here In this bar ’cause he ain’t gonna treat you right Well it’s probably not my place But i’m gonna say it anyway ’cause you look like You haven’t..


Don Shay – Nothing Like You

Mmm I remember when i first met you Sipping coffee in a corner booth You were twirling your hair And i just had to stare For a minute or two I was laughing at your stack of books Then you shot me that smile Hey beautiful girl, in your own little world Let me in..


Sugarland – Keep You

We Said Goodbye. Tried Our Hand At Magic. But We Couldn’t Make Us Disappear. Not A Day Goes By I Don’t Wish I Had You. So In A Way I’m Glad You’re Still Here. It’s A Bitter Sweet Victory. Lovin’ The Ghost In Front Of Me. Now I Can’t Laugh, Can’t Cry. And I Can’t..


Toby Keith – Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You

Day By Day, We Let Love Just Walk Away And I’ll Be The First To Say, I Was Glad To See It Go And Day By Day, Ever Since You Went Away I’m Finding I’m Still Missing You, And I Just Got To Know Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You I Wanna Hold..


Casey James – Love The Way You Miss Me

Girl The Way You’re Talkin’ Now And Everything We’re Talkin’ About Ain’t No Way, No How I Can Put This Phone Down Even Though We’re Miles Apart I Can Feel You Touchin’ My Heart Lyin’ Here In The Dark Wishin’ I Was Where You Are CHORUS: Baby, You’re Driving Me Crazy Girl If I Could,..


Corey Smith – I’m Ashamed Of You

Heart, i’m ashamed of you, lips, i’m ashamed of you You’ve betrayed me and you’ve made me love him and he’s not free Arms. i’m ashamed of you aching the way you do I’m ashamed of you but mostly i’m ashamed of me. Eyes, you looked right past his wedding band And all you saw..