Craig Morgan – Fish Weren’t Bitin

My Baby’d Been Wishing That I’d Take Her Fishing So We Waited On The Perfect Day Hitched Up My Old John Boat To See If It Would Still Float Should’ve Seen The Smile On Her Face I Found A Little Cove, Dropped The Lines, To Try Our Luck Before Too Long She Said It’s Starting..


Dean Brody – People Know You By Your First Name

It’s a town just outside of nowhere With a general store and one lamp pole We got wheat fields saw mills and coal mines Down home country folks Raise on 4h and dance hall auctions Spaghetti dinners and parking lot fights How it might be a little backwards But ’round here it’s alright The people..


Little Big Town – You’re Gonna Love Me

You’re gonna love me, baby You’re gonna wake up in another life There will be tears, baby And i won’t be around to see you cry Yeah, when you’re heart is sober Yeah, when the pieces all fall into place Yeah, when the light comes on And it’s far too late You’re gonna love me,..


Cyndi Thomson – Hope You’re Doing Fine

The arizona the sun Looks like a ruby in the sky And when the desert wind Blows like a friend It’s enough to make you high Here i am so far away From eastern standard time But i miss you babe I hope you’re doin’ fine I hope you’re doin’ fine Well i found a..


Brad Paisley – I Wish You’d Stay

I talked to my sister in memphis And i told her you were movin’ to town Here’s her number She said she’d be glad to show you around I left a map on your front seat Just in case you lose your way But don’t worry, once you reach sallasaw It’s all interstate. I know..


Aaron Tippin – Keep Your Head Up

I Spent My Time Watchin’ The Spaces That Have Grown Between Us. And I Cut My Mind On Second Best Or The Scars That Come With The Greeness. And I Gave My Eyes To The Boredom, Still The Seabed Wouldn’t Let Me In, And I Tried My Best To Embrace The Darkness In Which I..


Casey James – You Need Some Texas

Don’t Need No Farm Boy, A Big Green Tractor You Don’t Need No White Beach, Some Pretty Actor You Don’t Need No Dirt Road To Kick Up Some Dust You Don’t Need That Mud So Get Out Your Boots, Old Guitars And Rusty Strings And Let ’em Loose Throw Your Head Back When You Sing..