Carrie Underwood – I Told You So

Suppose I Called You Up Tonight And Told You That I Loved You And Suppose I Said “i Wanna Come Back Home”. And Suppose I Cried And Said “i Think I Finally Learned My Lesson” And I’m Tired Of Spendin’ All My Time Alone. If I Told You That I Realized You’re All I Ever..


Alan Jackson – Small Town Southern Man

Born The Middle Son Of A Farmer And A Small Town Southern Man Like His Daddy’s Daddy Before Him Brought Up Workin’ On The Land Fell In Love With A Small Town Woman And They Married Up And Settled Down Natural Way Of Life If You’re Lucky For A Small Town Southern Man. First There..


Brett Eldredge – You Can’t Stop Me

Wall to wall, it’s packed Give your hands a smack ___? my watch Vip is in the back Hear the beat of the music playing Rat pack, hi-hat swaying I’ll blaze it up and braise it I’m saying Just like the roof is on fire So turn up the heat All my friends are here..


Corey Smith – Other Side Of You

An introduction to the other side of you Oh yes, i’m finding out some things i never knew Now all at once it seems you are a stranger If i’ve been introduced to the other side of you. Tonight i overheard a conversation By the ones who know the secret side of you The things..


Brad Paisley – I Wish You’d Stay

I talked to my sister in memphis And i told her you were movin’ to town Here’s her number She said she’d be glad to show you around I left a map on your front seat Just in case you lose your way But don’t worry, once you reach sallasaw It’s all interstate. I know..


Shelby Lynne – Your Lies

Your lies won’t leave me alone You used to say you loved me did ya Why’d you do me this way It didn’t have to be that way I got your message on the phone I hung on every single line You told me what we had was only business Hurt me so bad i..


Alison Krauss – The Lucky One

You’re the lucky one So i’ve been told As free as the wind, Blowin’ down the road Loved by many, hated by none I’d say you’re lucky ’cause i know what you’ve done Not a care in the world Not a worry in sight Everything’s gunna be alright Cause you’re the lucky one You’re the..