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Steve Wariner (born Steven Noel Wariner, December 25, 1954, Noblesville, Indiana) is an American country music singer, guitarist and songwriter. He was one of the most popular artists during the 1980s, thanks to a string of No. 1 singles recorded for both RCA and MCA Records. After his popularity waned somewhat during the mid-1990s, he enjoyed a resurgence thanks to his 1998 hit "Holes in the Floor of Heaven." [edit] Career Wariner began performing as a youth in his father's band and in local clubs. Read more on

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Steve Wariner – I Should Be With You

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I met a lady on the plane to california She reminded me so much of you When she asked what i was doing here Well, then it hit me the crazy things a dollar makes us do. I should be with you right now the state that you’re in I should be holding you instead..