Buddy Jewell – I Can Get By

In a simple life dreams die hard You never let’em go All the while you play your hands And you may never know Why it’s always lady luck On someone else’s palm they read You holding my two hands Is really all i need I can get by if it all fell through Right down..


Cledus T. Judd – Every Light In The House Is Blown

I told you i’d leave some flares on In case you ever wanted to find my home Ya frowned and said well the darn law should arrest ya Now this old house keeps falling apart So i went down the local walmart And bought this coleman lantern to impress you Cause every light in the..


David Nail – I’m About To Come Alive

I can hear you downstairs crying on the phone Telling someone that i’m here but you still feel all alone Maybe we were too young Goodbye, i’ve gotta go I can hear the baby waking up Got to get back to the life i know I should have never believed him Maybe i should just..


David Lee Murphy – We Can’t All Be Angels

Late nights and smokey ole pool rooms Bars closin’ down at three And i’m right here in the middle of it all With the bad company Well maybe you don’t understand it Oh and we might never agree But i’m past the point of making excuses That’s what i am and i guess the truth..


Brad Paisley – I Wish You’d Stay

I talked to my sister in memphis And i told her you were movin’ to town Here’s her number She said she’d be glad to show you around I left a map on your front seat Just in case you lose your way But don’t worry, once you reach sallasaw It’s all interstate. I know..


Bill Anderson – Still

(still) though you broke my heart (still) though we’re far apart I love you still (still) after all this time (still) you’re still on my mind I love you still I’ve lost count of the hours And i’ve lost track of the days In fact, i’ve lost just about everything Since you went away Everything,..


Alan Jackson – Tall, Tall Trees

If you want to drive a big limousine I’ll buy the longest one you’ve ever seen I’ll buy you tall, tall trees On all the waters and the seas I’m a fool, fool, fool for you If you want to own a great big mansion Well i’ll give it my utmost attention I’ll buy you..