Randy Rogers Band – You Start Over Your Way

Well, You Showed Up Looking Just Like I Remember Just Like I Knew You Would Worried If My Heart Was Breaking Just Like It Should Working Hard On Your Good Time, Showing Off Your New Life To God And Everyone In This Bar I’ll Leave It To You, Baby, You Always Had To Be The […]


David Lee Murphy – The Road You Leave Behind

I remember the night my dad stopped the car And got out in the rain Changed a blown out tire on a car For a family with out of state plates I said dad did we know those folks As they waved and drove out of sight He just smiled as he started the car […]


Michael Ray – Run Away With You

Sometimes it feels just like you’re so far away Don’t take the time to say the things we use to say I can’t remember the last time together Lost in each others eyes It just ain’t right Come on baby let’s leave tonight I just wanna run, i just wanna run away with you And […]