Toby Keith – As Good As I Once Was

She Said, “i’ve Seen You Here Before.” I Said, “i’ve Been Here A Time Or Two.” She Said, “hello My Name Is Bobby Jo Meet My Twin Sister Betty Lou And We’re Both Feeling Kinda Wild Tonight And Your The Only Cowboy In This Place And If You’re Up For A Rodeo I’ll Put A..


Kenny Chesney – Im Alive

So Damn Easy To Say That Life’s So Hard Everybody’s Got Their Share Of Battle Scars As For Me, I’d Like To Thank My Lucky Stars That I’m Alive And Well It’d Be Easy To Add Up All The Pain And All The Dreams You Sat And Watched Go Up In Flames Dwell On The..


Burns & Poe – How Long Is Long Enough

Can anybody tell me when I’m gonna feel like me again Cause i’ve never hurt like this before I don’t know the reason why No matter how hard i try I can’t shake this feeling Since he walked out that door So tell me how long, How long is long enough? Tell me when does..


Aaron Tippin – Takin’ Off This Pain

I’ve Got A Cold Beer In My Right Hand In My Left I Got My Weddin’ Band I Been Wearin’ It ’round Now For Way Too Long And I’m More Than Ready To See It Gone And I’m The Only One Who Can Set Myself Free So I’m Takin’ Off This Pain You Put On..


Alabama – Dancin’ Shaggin’ On The Boulevard

Well, The Magic Attic’s Where The Music Rolls And The Army-navy’s Got Ol’ Jackie Soul Down On Peaches Corner There Are Good Ol’ Boys And Mother Fletcher’s Makin’ Lots Of Noise. They’re Dancin’, Shaggin’ On The Boulevard Dancin’, Shaggin’ On The Boulevard. Well, The Tams Are Playin’ At The Port-o-call And The Drifters Underneath The..


Jason Aldean – Tonight Looks Good On You

You ain’t got a dress that i don’t like You ain’t got a pair of jeans that don’t fit you just right There’s not a minute in the day That you don’t knock me out, you don’t blow me away But, girl, now that the sun’s gone down (whoa-oh-oh) Looking at you right here and..


Steel Magnolia – Last Night Again

[joshua] Your lips are moving but i can’t hear you Wish you would talk your way right over here [meghan] I see you looking, boy, but i can’t feel you Why don’t we just disappear? [joshua] I’m getting jealous of the way he’s leaning You make him feel like it’s all alright. [meghan] Boy, if..