Brad Paisley – Ticks

Every Time You Take A Sip In This Smoky Atmosphere You Press That Bottle To Your Lips And I Wish I Was Your Beer In The Small There Of Your Back Your Jeans Are Playing Peekaboo I’d Like To See The Other Half Of Your Butterfly Tattoo. Hey That Gives Me An Idea Let’s Get..


Merle Haggard – I Think I’ll Just Stay Here And Drink

Could be holding you tonight Could quit doing wrong,start doing right You don’t care about what i think I think i’ll just stay here and drink, Hey, putting you down won’t square the deal A least you’ll know the way i feel Hey, take all the money in the bank I think i’ll just stay..


Sugarland – Tonight

If Words Could Make It Real I’d Tell You How I Feel Instead I’m Waiting Here On My Knees Love I Know How It Feels To Breathe With You Beside Me I Think About It Always….. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight I’m Waiting For, Waiting For The Night Tonight, Tonight, Tonight I’m Waiting For, Waiting Forrrrrr A..


Adam Harvey – Stuck In The Middle

Well I Don’t Know Why I Came Here Tonight I Got The Feeling That Something Ain’t Right I’m So Scared In Case I Fall Off My Chair And I’m Wondering How I’ll Get Down The Stairs Clowns To The Left Of Me Jokers To The Right Here I Am Stuck In The Middle With You…


Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran – Everything Has Changed

(taylor) All i knew this morning when i woke, Is i know something now (know something now), I didn’t before. And all i’ve seen, Since 18 hours ago, Is green eyes and freckles and your smile In the back of my mind making me feel like… (taylor) I just want to know you better, Know..


Chase Rice – Gonna Wanna Tonight

If you wanna climb a ladder on a water tower Then we’ll kick it with the stars for a couple hours If you wanna then we’re gonna get way up high If you wanna dip your toes where the water stops Then we’ll let our feet hang off a fishin’ dock If you wanna then..


Ronnie Milsap – There’s No Getting Over Me

Well you can walk out on me tonight If you think that it ain’t feeling right But darling There’s ain’t no getting over me Well you can say that you need to be free But there ain’t no place that i won’t be Sweet darling bass run up There ain’t no getting over me I’ll..