Michael Ray – Look Like This

You don’t know what you’re doin’ Or do ya Got me sittin’ over here Wishin’ that i knew ya I ain’t got ya yet But i don’t wanna lose ya Gotta get a little closer to ya And it starts with a look like this In the dark like this Got me thinkin’ i should..


Alabama – God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You

Can This Be True? Tell Me, Can This Be Real? How Can I Put Into Words How I Feel? My Life Was Complete, I Thought I Was Whole. Why Do I Feel Like I’m Losing Control? I Never Thought That Love Could Feel Like This. Then You Changed My World With Just One Kiss. How..


Thompson Square – Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not

We Were Sittin’ Up There On Your Momma’s Roof Talkin’ Bout Everything Under The Moon With The Smell Of Honeysuckle And Your Perfume All I Could Think About Was My Next Move Oh, But You Were So Shy And So Was I Maybe That’s Why It Was So Hard To Believe When You Smiled And..


Dierks Bentley – Gonna Die Young

I Can Feel My Heart Beat Now, Beatin’ Like A Popgun, Pow Gone Crazy, Knocked Out By The Hottest Thing This Side Of The Sun She Knows Just How To Move, Shoot The Blood Pressure Through The Roof Foggin’ Up The Kissing Booth, She’s One In A Million, I’m A Million To One Hot Dang,..


Adam Brand – Ready For Love

Oh Yeah Are You Ready For Love Thought That I Would Never Love Another Til The Day My Eyes, Saw You, And I I Feel Like A Giddy Little Kid In A Candy Store, And I, Want More I’m Thinking That You Feel It But I Need To Be Sure (chorus) Are You Ready For..


Brantley Gilbert – Outlaw In Me

She says baby what’s that scar from? I said, girl you don’t wanna know. She said, what about this one? that one? Girl that was a long time ago. She kisses and traces everyone with her hands. The look on her face says that she understands. My baby don’t try to change me. Cuz she..


Dustin Lynch – Cowboys And Angels

There’s a want, and there’s a need There’s a history between Girls like her and guys like me Cowboys and angels I’ve got boots, and she’s got wings I’m hell on wheels, and she’s heavenly I’d die for her, and she lives for me Cowboys and angels We ride side by side A cloud of..