Eddy Arnold – Make The World Go Away

Make the world go away And get it off my shoulder Say the things you used to say And make the world go away. Do you remember when you loved me Before the world took me astray If you do then forgive me And make the world go away. Make the world go away And..


Deana Carter – Angels Working Overtime

She was born at a rest stop on the kansas state line In the back of a dodge in the summer time Her momma named her indiana like their license plate And with the hum of the tires on the interstate She was cryin’ They left her at a denny’s up in colorado In a..


Steel Magnolia – Ooh La La

Yeah Mmmmmm, yeah Shes just minding her own business Come on, woooh She wandered by, taking her time, shed stop to window shop Saw his reflection in the glass, he passed his eyes on me If you’ve got something to say girl, Don’t walk away girl, give me a good reaction If you’ve got something..


Justin Moore – If Heaven Wasnt So Far Away

Every Day I Drive To Work Across Flint River Bridge A Hundred Yards From The Spot Where Me And Grandpa Fished There’s A Piece Of His Old Fruit Stand On The Side Of Sawmill Road He’d Be There Peeling Peaches If It Was Twenty Years Ago And What I Wouldn’t Give To Ride Around In..


Alabama – High Cotton

We Didn’t Know That Times Were Lean Round Our House The Grass Was Green It Didn’t Seem Like Things Were All That Bad I Bet We Walked A Thousand Miles Chopin’ Cotton And Pushin’ Plows And Learnin’ How To Give It All We Had. As Life Went On And Years Went By I Saw The..


Dar Williams – It’s Alright

I know change is a bad thing Breaks me down into a sorry sad thing Not some iridescent grateful butterfly I’ll resist with defiance Not the valor of a mystic silence I will fight the dizzy spiral of goodbye And it’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright Please don’t say..


Sierra Noble – Try Anything

I stood at the edge and just dreamed Of breaking away from all that i’ve been Is this world all that it seems There’s so much that i need to show And now that you’re here I’m ready to go Cause i’ll try anything Anything new And i’ll go anywhere I know we’ll make it..