Juice Newton – A Little Love

You say a little love just isn’t Enough for you Sometimes i feel lucky just to get a little Coming through I weigh the differences everyday Sometimes i feel like running away A little love here makes me want to stay A little love there’ll keep me from running away A little love here, a..


Rachel Proctor – Baby Dont Let Me Go

I Say Things That I Don’t Mean You Look At Me Like I’m Crazy And Baby, Sometimes I Am There’s A Side Of Me That Wants To Run As Soon As I Get Close Enough To Love To Touch It With My Hands I Start To Feel Smothered Start To Head For Cover ‘Cause The..


Blaine Larsen – The Best Man

My mama got married to someone i barely knew They had me and then they had my sister too I was too young to understand why he left But how it broke mama’s heart, i’ll never forget It was three years before she met somebody new And though i didn’t have much to compare him..


Waylon Jennings – Dreaming My Dreams With You

I hope that i won’t be that wrong anymore, And maybe i’ve learned this time. I hope that i find what i’m reaching for, The way that it is in my mind. Someday i’ll get over you. I’ll live to see it all through. But i’ll always miss, Dreaming my dreams with you. But i..


Cledus T. Judd – Shania I’m Broke

Let’s get jiggy with it Uh oh My front won’t crank I owe the bank I’m gonna pay em back but right now i can’t My record went gold half a million sold My wallet was fat But i spent all that (all that) Just when i bought Things i couldn’t afford Now uncle sam’s..


Marty Stuart – Hard Working Man

What Will Become Of The Working Man, With Honest Sweat On His Brow Is The Nation That Raised Him To Build It, Gonna Turn Its Back On Him Now Take Away His Pride And Dignity, Give His Job To Some Foreign Land Here’s A Question That Needs A Straight Answer What Will Become Of The..


Waylon Jennings – I’m A Ramblin’ Man

I’ve been down the Mississippi, Down through New Orleans, Yes, I have. I’ve played in California, There ain’t too much I haven’t seen. No, there ain’t. Well, I’m a ramblin’ man, Don’t fool around with a ramblin’ man. Left a girl in West Virginia, Up there where that green grass grows, Yes, I did. Another..