Shawn Mullins – Cold Black Heart

I once had a true love Her name was maggie brown Her eyes they were the color Of the sun burning down And she had hair that smelled like jasmine I loved her from the start How was i to know she’d have A cold black heart Well, maggie was my true love The only..


Ronnie Milsap – Pure Love

(eddie rabbitt) Pure love, baby it’s pure love Milk and honey and captain krunch and you in the morning Pure love, baby, it’s pure love Ninety-nine and forty-four one hundreds percent pure love. I wake up to sunshine *sunshine) laying beside me And bluebirds singing right outside my window Soft warm kisses (kisses) say good..


Lyle Lovett – Which Way Does That Old Pony Run

When i was a very young man I was a cowboy The best in the land But then she settled me down With a touch of her hand Now i’m begging you mister Tell me if you can. Which way does that old pony run Which way does that old pony run And how much..


Connie Smith – How Great Thou Art

Oh, lord my god when i in awesome wonder Considered all the worlds thy hands have made I see the stars, i hear the rolling thunder Thy art throughout the universe displayed. Then sings my soul my saviour god to thee How great thou art how great thou art Then sings my soul my saviour..


Buddy Jewell – Dyess Arkansas

Would you believe this blacktop highway Used to be a one-lane gravel road? Back when johnny cash was just somebody Daddy went to school with years ago When the cottonwoods reached to the sky An’ honeysuckle vine grew all around My eyes well up with memories Every time i think about this little ol’ town..


Darryl Worley – When You Need My Love

Two in the mornin’, telephone rings Somehow i knew it who was Cause baby it’s always the same old thing When you need my love You say it’s over again and again This time you’ve had enough Girl, i know you’ve been fightin’ with him When you need my love Oh i wish i could..


Billy Ray Cyrus – Deja Blue

Now as she’s walking out the door Sayin’ she don’t want me no more As her tires are a squealin’ Lord, i get this funny feelin’ That i’ve been in this position before A different time another flame Still it’s spooky how it seems the same Deja blue, deja blue Yeah, i’m feelin’ pretty certain..