Juice Newton – Love’s Been A Little Bit Hard On Me

I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of Love’s been a little bit hard on me If i shy away it’s only because Love’s been a little bit hard on me (love’s been a little) Oh, love’s been a little (love’s been a little bit hard on me) (love’s been a little) You know just been..


Martina Mcbride – Teenage Daughters

I ain’t complainin’ But i’m tired, so i’m just sayin’ What i think And if we’re being honest Than honestly i think i need a drink My baby’s growin’ up She think’s she’s fallin’ all in love And that i hate her At seventeen, she’s just like me when i was seventeen So i don’t..


Eddy Arnold – Make The World Go Away

Make the world go away And get it off my shoulder Say the things you used to say And make the world go away. Do you remember when you loved me Before the world took me astray If you do then forgive me And make the world go away. Make the world go away And..


Taylor Swift – Fearless

There’s somethin’ about the way The street looks when it’s just rained There’s a glow off the pavement Walk me to the car And you know I wanna ask you to dance right there In the middle of the parking lot Yeah Oh, yeah We’re drivin’ down the road I wonder if you know I’m..


Craig Morgan – Country Boys Like Me

Spent Summers Throwin’ Brim In A Red Ice Chest Gave My Heart To Jesus In My Sunday Best Southern Rock Rolled From My Radio Each Night When Freebird Fell Out Of The Sky Felt Like I’d Lost An Old Friend Of Mine Saw Hate In Livin’ Color On My TV Learned Black Kids Bled Red..


Aaron Tippin – Sounds So Good

1st Verse Hey Baby, Let’s Jump In Yo’ Truck We’ll Ride And Watch For Lightnin’ Bugs We’ll Ride With The Windows Let Down There’s Nowhere Else I’d Rather Be Right Now Chorus ’cause There Ain’t Nothin’ Like The Sound Of A Cooler Slushin’ On The Bed ‘a Yo’ Truck And Ain’t Nothin’ Like The Sound..


Sierra Noble – Possibility

Woke up at midnight all alone Was it a dream that you had phoned Were you even thinking of me Is it even a possibility Missing me Is it even a possibility Monday morning coming on fast Was hoping this august moon would last Whatever you tell me i wanna believe Is that even a..