Carrie Underwood – Inside Your Heaven

I’ve been down Now I’m blessed I felt a revelation coming around I guess it’s right, it’s so amazing Everytime I see you, I’m alive You’re all I got, You lift me up. The sun and the moonlight, All my dreams are in your eyes. And I wanna be inside your heaven, Take me to..


Sugarland – Already Gone

My Mama Mapped Out The Road That She Knows Which Hands You Shake And Which Hands You Hold In My Hand-me-down Mercury, Ready To Roll She Knew That I Had To Go And Hangout, Make Lots Of Noise And Lay Out Late With A Boy Make The Mistakes That She Made ’cause She Knew All..


Little Big Town – You’re Gonna Love Me

You’re gonna love me, baby You’re gonna wake up in another life There will be tears, baby And i won’t be around to see you cry Yeah, when you’re heart is sober Yeah, when the pieces all fall into place Yeah, when the light comes on And it’s far too late You’re gonna love me,..


Steel Magnolia – I Need You

I wanna drink that shot of whiskey. I wanna smoke that cigarette. I wanna taste that sweet addiction on my breath. I wanna ride ‘cross west virginia in the backseat of a cadillac You know some cowboys like me go out like that. I need you. Like a needle needs a vein. Like uncle joe..


Shooter Jennings – The Deed And The Dollar

She got a special way It makes me happy everyday When do the old folks say She’s finer than frog hair split four ways When i’m feelin’ low She reminds me that there’s always tomorrow I kinda wonder if she knows My sun comes up just to hear her call She don’t just own me..


Danny Gokey – I Will Not Say Goodbye

Sometimes your world just ends It changes everything you’ve been And all that’s left to be Is empty, broken, lonely, hoping I’m supposed to be strong I’m supposed to find a way to carry on And i don’t wanna feel better And i don’t wanna not remember, I will always see your face In the..


Josh Turner – All Over Me

Well The Weather Man Says It’s Gonna Be A Hot One Heard It On The Radio Load Up The Boat Get Your Girl If You Got One Nice Little Breeze Gonna Blow Baby I’m On My Way To Come And Getcha Meet Me At The End Of Your Drive Grab Your Shades And Your String..