Eric Church – Two Pink Lines

She Was Pacin’ Back And Forth, On Her Front Porch I Pulled Up Slingin’ Gravel, In My Daddy’s Ford. She Cried All The Way, To Johnson’s Store I Kept The Motor Runnin’, And Parked By The Door. I Was Foolish And Wild, She Was Classic And Regal We Were Fresh Out Of School, Both Barely..


Dierks Bentley – Free And Easy (Down The Road I Go)

Pair Of Boots And A Sack Of Clothes Free And Easy Down The Road I Go Hangin’ Memories On The High Line Poles Free And Easy Down The Road I Go Free And Easy Down The Road I Go Ragweed’s Rockin’ On The Radio Free And Easy Down The Road I Go So I Keep..


Alabama – Dixieland Delight

Rollin’ down a backwoods, tennessee byway, one arm on the wheel Holdin’ my lover with the other, a sweet, soft, southern thrill Worked hard all week, got a little jingle, on a tennessee saturday night Couldn’t feel better, i’m together with my dixieland delight Spend my dollar, parked in a holler ‘neath the mountain moonlight..


Gary Allan – Best I Ever Had

So you sailed away into a grey sky morning Now I’m here to stay, love can be so boring And nothing’s quite the same now I just say your name now. But it’s not so bad You’re only the best I ever had You don’t want me back You’re just the best I ever had…


The Uncle Bill Roach Band – Back From Iraq

Standing In Line At LAX, I Was On My Way Home There Was A Soldier There In Front Of Me Had His Desert Camos On I Said “Hey! You Comin’ Or You Goin’?” He Said “I’m Goin’ To Iraq I’ve Got A Five Day Old Son Back In Lubbock And I Just Can’t Wait To..


Martina Mcbride – Independence Day

Well, she seemed alright by dawn’s early light Though she looked a little worried and weak She tried to pretend he wasn’t drinkin’ again But daddy left the proof on her cheek And i was only eight years old that summer And i always seemed to be in the way So i took myself down..


Tim Mcgraw – How I’ll Always Be

I’m a little more beer bottle beer joint than a fancy bar I’m a little more sitting up high on the road than a little car I’m a little more bust ya back than take it for free And that’s how i’ll always be I’m a little more lose my temper than to sit on..