I Ll Be Home For Christmas – Christmas Song

I M Dreamin Tonight Of A Place I Love Even More Then I Usually Do And Although I Know It S A Long Road Back I Promise You I Ll Be Home For Christmas You Can Count On Me Please Have Snow And Mistletoe And Presents Under The Tree Christmas Eve Will Find Me Where..


Cyndi Thomson – If You Were Mine

If you were mine I would celebrate like Everyday was christmas If you were mine I would love you like It’s nobody’s business I would give you everything i had I would treat you right I would make you laugh Baby i would smile forever If you were mine If you were mine Baby every..


Toby Keith – American Ride

Winter Gettin Colder, Summer Gettin Warmer. Tidal Wave Comin Cross The Mexican Border. Why Buy A Gallon, When Its Cheaper By The Barrel. Just Dont Be Busted Singin Christmas Carols. Thats Us, Thats Right Gotta Love This American Ride. Both Ends Of The Ozone Burnin. Funny How The World Keeps Turnin. Look Ma, No Hands…


Taylor Swift – Begin Again

Took a deep breath in the mirror He didn’t like it when i wore high heels, but i do Turned the lock and put my headphones on He always said he didn’t get this song but i do, i do Walked in expecting you’d be late But you got here early And you stand and..


Elvis Presley – Blue Christmas

I’ll Have A Blue Christmas Without You I’ll Be So Blue Just Thinking About You Decorations Of Red On A Green Christmastree Won’t Be The Same Dear, If You’re Not Here With Me And When Those Blue Snowflakes Start Falling That’s When Those Blue Memories Start Calling You’ll Be Doin’ All Right, With Your Christmas..


Jason Aldean – Laughed Until We Cried

Going Through My Closet The Other Day Found An Old Yearbook Flipped Right To The Page Of That Senior Trip Down There On That Panama Strip We All Started Yellin’ When We Smelled The Beach Just Couldn’t Wait To Try Our Fake Ids We Only Had A Few Days, And A Whole Lot Of Memories..


Maren Morris – Sugar

[verse 1] Boy i’ve been cooking up one hell of a crush I’ve got you on my mind the minute i wake up You make the morning glow, make the rooster crow, get my juices flowing You know i got the spice but it ain’t enough [chorus] Baby would you be my sugar, sugar? Make..