Keith Urban – Blue Ain’t Your Color

Blue ain’t your color I can see you over there Staring at your drink Watching that ice sink All alone tonight And chances are You’re sitting here In this bar ’cause he ain’t gonna treat you right Well it’s probably not my place But i’m gonna say it anyway ’cause you look like You haven’t..


Bob Dylan – Love Sick

I’m walking through streets that are dead Walking, walking with you in my head My feet are so tired, my brain is so wired And the clouds are weeping Did i hear someone tell a lie? Did i hear someone’s distant cry? I spoke like a child; you destroyed me with a smile While i..


Steel Magnolia – Bulletproof

Got a new toyota, Traded in the hatchback Can’t make the payment, But i’m not worried ’bout that Cause i’m bulletproof Went and got my hair cut, Got a tattoo Nothin’ lady-like Wasn’t even thinkin’ ’bout you Cause i’m bulletproof Well i could stand in the middle of a thunderstorm Holding a lightning rod on..


Billy Ray Cyrus – Storm In The Heartland

The leaves on the tree are turnin’ inside out From the great white north there’s a big black cloud Run for shelter if you can There’s a storm in the heartland We made it through the flood of ’93 But this is gonna be the death of me I can’t hide the tears of a..


Jimmy Driftwood – Steamboat Mountain

I Was Standing On Point Peter, Early In The Morn Way Down On The River, I Thought I Heard A Horn I Noted It Was A Steamboat And When She Homed In Sight I Know, She Took The Left Hand Where The Buffalo Meets The White She Passed The Mouth Of The Rich Land, A..


Statler Brothers – How Great Thou Art

Oh, lord my god, when i in awesome wonder Consider all the worlds thy hands have made I see the stars, i hear the rolling thunder Thy art throughout the universe displayed. Then sings my soul my saviour god to thee How great thou art, how great thou art Then sings my song my saviour..


Buddy Jewell – Addicted To The Rain

Addicted to the rain Blue skies go away Don?t you waste my time ?cause i don?t have a place for you Inside this heart of mine You promise brighter days But never do come through Ever since she went away blue skies I?ve had no use for you But when i see the clouds come..