Aaron Tippin – Sounds So Good

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Aaron Tippin Concert

: Sounds So Good Lyrics

1st Verse

Hey Baby, Let’s Jump In Yo’ Truck
We’ll Ride And Watch For Lightnin’ Bugs
We’ll Ride With The Windows Let Down
There’s Nowhere Else I’d Rather Be Right Now


’cause There Ain’t Nothin’ Like The Sound
Of A Cooler Slushin’ On The Bed ‘a Yo’ Truck
And Ain’t Nothin’ Like The Sound Of Real Country Music
C’mon, Turn It Up
And I Love To Hear The Whippoorwill Sing Any Night
And The Crickets Out In The Woods
Ooh, (and) Don’t It Feel So Right
Don’t It Sound So Good

2nd Verse

We’ll Stop On A Ol’ Dirt Road Bridge
Do You Remember When We Painted Our Names On It
And We’ll Listen To The Creek As It Runs
And We’ll Count The Stars
Every Single One

(chorus Out)

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