Craig Morgan – The Whole World Needs A Kitchen

We Live In A Drive Through Generation About The Closest Thing To A Home Cooked Mea Is A Crazy Made In Three We Hardly Ever Gather At Our Table Life’s Too Busy To Be A Family Now If You Ask Me The Whole World Needs A Kitchen Like The One We Live In The Smell..


Craig Morgan – Better Stories

If You Never Hit A Cow At 3 A.m. In A Borrowed Oldsmobile Played Cards All Night In The County Jail With The One Arm Man Name Phil If You Never Counted Ball Off The Fifth Floor Rail And Do A Bull At The Holiday Inn ‘Cause It Was Panama City, You Were Drunk And..


Craig Morgan – Almost Home

He had plastic bags wrapped round his shoes. He was covered with the evening news. Had a pair of old wool socks on his hands. The bank sign was flashing five below, It was freezing rain an’ spittin’ snow. He was curled up behind some garbage cans. I was afraid that he was dead. I..


Craig Morgan – Fish Weren’t Bitin

My Baby’d Been Wishing That I’d Take Her Fishing So We Waited On The Perfect Day Hitched Up My Old John Boat To See If It Would Still Float Should’ve Seen The Smile On Her Face I Found A Little Cove, Dropped The Lines, To Try Our Luck Before Too Long She Said It’s Starting..


Craig Morgan – Summer Moon

I remember like it was yesterday those hot nights Fireflies, candy apple kiss at the county fair A little backwoods detour on the long way home To be alone, honeysuckle sweetened up the midnight air And that summer moon Shinin’ like sunlight Bouncin’ off your eyes And lightin’ up mine Just me and you Pullin’..


Craig Morgan – This Aint Nothin

He Was Standing In The Rubble Of An Old Farmhouse Outside Birmingham When Some On The Scene Reporter Stuck A Camera In The Face Of That Old Man He Said “tell The Folks Please Mister, What Are You Gonna Do Now That This Twister Has Taken All That’s Dear To You?” The Old Man Just..


Craig Morgan – Show Me Your Tattoo

Well, I Heard You Just Got Back From A Trip To Sin City There’s Something Different ’bout The Way You Look It Just Hit Me There’s Rumors Going ’round This Town Tell Me, Girl, It Didn’t Really Hurt Were You Drunk? Well, That’s What I Heard Did You Get A Butterfly, Lady Bug A Cross..