Dustin Lynch – Where It’s At (yep, Yep)

It ain’t in a high rise looking for a good time Shutting down the city lights It ain’t in the water floating like a bobber Soaking up that hot sunshine As good as it gets, no that ain’t where it is [chorus:] It’s at 2 am when she’s reaching’ over Faded t-shirt hanging off her..


Alan Jackson – Pop A Top

Pop A Top Again I’ve Just Got Time For One More Round Set Em Up My Friends Then I’ll Be Gone Then You Can Let Some Other Fool Sit Down. I’d Like For You’d To Listen To A Joke I Heard Today From A Woman Who Said She Was Through And Calmly Walked Away I’d..


Brantley Gilbert – Hell On Wheels

So man you think you wanna run whiskey Well roll with me but you better listen good and clear If you got a badge or a big mouth brother you ain’t got no business here Fool, this here is moonshine still you can smell that whiskey burn This is how the big dogs run, boy..


The Osborne Brothers – Rocky Top

Wish that i was on old rocky top Down in the tennessee hills Ain’t no smoggy smoke on rocky top Ain’t no telephone bills. Once i had a girl on rocky top Half bear the other half cat Wild as a mink but sweet as soda pop I still dream about that. Rocky top you’ll..


Maren Morris – 80s Mercedes

Verse 1 Still runs good, built to last Moves like a hula girl on the dash She ain’t made for practicality Yeah, i guess she’s just like me Pre-chorus It’s saturday night, about time to go Got my white leather jacket and a neon soul Once i turn on the radio i’m ready to roll..


Brantley Gilbert – Kick It In The Sticks

Welcome to the home of a hillbilly Yeah baby It’s a land of barbed wire, moonshine, whiskey Park your car before you get it stuck Go on grab you a beer And get on up in the truck It’s going down tonight It’s all on me It’s byob, and i’ve got all we need Yeah..