The Band Perry – All Your Life

Would You Walk To The Edge Of The Ocean Just To Fill My Jar With Sand Just In Case I Get The Notion To Let It Run Through My Hand Let It Run Through My Hand Well, I Don’t Want The Whole World The Sun, The Moon, And All Their Light I Just Want To..


Waylon Jennings – Only Daddy That’ll Walk The Line

Everybody knows you’ve been steppin’ on my toes And i’m gettin’ pretty tired of it You keep a steppin’ out of line You’re messin’ with my mind If you had any sense you’d quit Bridge: ’cause ever since you were a little bitty teeny girl You said i was the only man in this whole..


Sam Hunt – Take Your Time

I don’t know if you were looking at me or not You probably smile like that all the time And i don’t mean to bother you but I couldn’t just walk by And not say, “hi” And i know your name ’cause everybody in here knows your name And you’re not looking for anything right..


Cyndi Thomson – If You Could Only See

You come home uncompleted Down and defeted feeling all alone You think your dreams are passing by you And deep down inside you you’re running out of hope If you could only see what i see You’d see the man that you wish you could be If you could only see what i see in..


Toby Keith – Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You

Day By Day, We Let Love Just Walk Away And I’ll Be The First To Say, I Was Glad To See It Go And Day By Day, Ever Since You Went Away I’m Finding I’m Still Missing You, And I Just Got To Know Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You I Wanna Hold..


Billy Currington – Walk A Little Straighter

I Remember Looking Up To Look Up To Him And I Remember Most The Time He Wasn’t There I’d Be Waiting At The Door When He Got Home At Night He’d Pass Me By To Go To Pass Out In His Chair And I’d Say Walk A Little Straighter Daddy You’re Swaying Side To Side..