Juice Newton – For Believers

Go to sleep Close your eyes Soon the angels Will begin to fly Don’t ask why Angels fly They only fly for believers Like you and i Once when i was so much younger Much the same as you are now With a heart so filled with wonder I heard the thunder I saw the..


Stealing Angels – Little Blue Sky

When doors keep slammin’ in my face When no one seems to know my name When all my dollars don’t make sense When my little life’s a tragedy You rescue me You’re my little blue sky You’re my ray of sunshine The hope beyond my tears As long as you are here You’re my little..


Stealing Angels – Lightning In A Bottle

Oh yeah Are you ready for a little bit of danger? Have you read all the warning signs? If you wanna see sparks light the dark, Tonight might be your night You got here just in time [chorus] Lightning in a bottle Let loose, it’ll strike you down It’s like catching a bullet Before it..


Sara Evans – Saints And Angels

We’re Only Human Baby We Walk On Broken Ground We Lose Our Way. We Come Unwound. We’re Turning Circles, Baby We’re Never Satisfied We Fall From Grace; Forget We Can Fly But Through All The Tears That We Cry We’ll Survive. ‘Cause When We’re Torn Apart Shattered And Scarred Love Has The Grace To Save..


Bob Dylan – Jokerman

Standing on the waters casting your bread While the eyes of the idol with the iron head are glowing Distant ships sailing into the mist You were born with a snake in both of your fists While a hurricane was blowing Freedom just around the corner for you But with the truth so far off,..


Willie Nelson – Still Is Still Moving To Me

Still is still moving to me And i swim like a fish in the sea all the time But if that’s what it takes to be free i don’t mind Still is still moving to me Still is still moving to me And it’s hard to explain how i feel It won’t go in words..


David Lee Murphy – We Can’t All Be Angels

Late nights and smokey ole pool rooms Bars closin’ down at three And i’m right here in the middle of it all With the bad company Well maybe you don’t understand it Oh and we might never agree But i’m past the point of making excuses That’s what i am and i guess the truth..