Brooks & Dunn – Rock My World (little Country Girl)

She’s got a t-top camaro with a scoop on the hood. Two big speakers blastin’ johnny b good. Looking so sweet it oughta be a crime, She plays with my heart and messes with my mind. Acts like madonna, but she listens to mearle. Rock my world little country girl. She wears snakeskin boots made..


Brooks & Dunn – That’s What It’s All About

Well, you work and you slave And you spend all day in your thankless job You jump in your ford and you’re Door to door with a homebound mob Then you pull in the drive and you hit the chair And the one you love is waitin’ there. Hey, that’s what it’s all about Hey,..


Brooks & Dunn – That Ain’t No Way To Go

Lipstick letter on the mirror this morning Said ‘goodbye baby.’ you left without warning. Like a thief in the night, you ran away with my heart. I can’t believe my eyes, must be a bad dream. You always said we had a good thing. You never once let on we were fallin’ apart. That ain’t..


Brooks & Dunn – Proud Of The House We Built

I dropped to my knees in that field on your daddy’s farm Asked you to marry me, all i had to give was my heart While other kids went diving into swimming holes You and me dove off into the great unknown We were barely gettin’ by, takin’ care of each other Then i became..


Brooks & Dunn – Indian Summer

The tall weeds lay flat down On the hard flat kansas ground And a sad song in her head Kept goin’ round She barely even knew his name But she liked the way he played the game Everybody cheered When he scored that last touchdown Indian summer The wonder The hunger And the sound of..


Brooks & Dunn – Honky Tonk Stomp

Man, standin’ on a band stand, Band standin’ bendin’ and bangin’ them strings. Eye candy shakin’ on a dance floor, sayin’ “play me one more,” Makin’ a scene. Cowboy camped on a bar stool, Shootin’ double whiskey with a longneck back, And billy with a pool cue starring down an eight ball, Lookin’ at kelly..


Brooks & Dunn – My Heart Is Lost To You

Maybe it was the moonlight The scent of you on the breeze Maybe it was your shadow that fell over me Such a beautiful stranger Eyes darker than coal Your first look crossed the desert Into my soul Mi corazon perdido en ti My heart is lost to you You have captured my love completely..