Danielle Peck – Isn’t That Everything

I might not have a million dollars in the bank But i’ve got food on my table and gas in my tank I might not have designer sheets on a king size bed But i lay down at night with a roof over my head Yeah, i’ve got friends who love me A big blue..


Chuck Wicks – All I Ever Wanted

[verse 1] Girl you got me goin’ Yeah i think you know it Oh i’m ready for this ride So c’mon take my hand ’cause, only you, you understand How to kick this feelin’ into… [chorus] Drive all night with me Sing my favorite song to sleep Under the stars on the hood of our..


Sugarland – Something More

Monday, Hard To Wake Up Fill My Coffee Cup, I’m Out The Door Yeah The Freeway, Standing Still Today Is Gonna Make Me Late, And That’s For Sure I’m Running Out Of Gas And Out Of Time Never Gonna Make It There By Nine There’s Gotta Be Something More Gotta Be More Than This I..


Steve Azar – Waitin’ On Joe

We’re supposed to start work down on the river today. And for joe and me, it’s some pretty good pay. Now, i was countin’ on him To be at the dock by ten. A week’s pay says he’s still at home, ’cause the boy’s in his own time zone I’m a waitin’ on joe, whaddya..


Justin Moore – Small Town USA

A Lot Of People Called It Prison When I Was Growin Up But These Are My Roots And This Is What I Love ‘Cause Everybody Knows Me And I Know Them And I Believe That’s The Way We Were Supposed To Live I Wouldn’t Trade One Single Day Here In Small Town USA Chorus Give..


Aaron Tippin – Angelina

I Walked Into An Elevator And You Walked Into A Wall You Said You Wanted To Be With Me I Never Dreamed I Had It All But Something Changed Hat Day Inside Me And I Believe It Changed Inside You Too Yeah, Angelina, Can You Feel It? Watching Angels As They’re Dancing Up Above Angelina,..


Sugarland – Just Might (make Me Believe)

I Got Miles Of Trouble Spreadin’ Far And Wide Bills On The Table Gettin’ Higher And Higher They Just Keep On Comin’, There Ain’t No End In Sight I’m Just Holding On Tight… I’ve Got Someone Who Loves Me More Than Words Can Say And I’m Thankful For That Each And Every Day And If..