Conway Twitty – It’s Only Make Believe

People see us everywhere They think you really care But myself, i can’t deceive I know it’s only make believe My one and only prayer Is that someday you’ll care My hopes, my dreams come true My one and only you No one will ever know How much i love you so My only prayer..


Burns & Poe – Second Chance

You told me you needed some space But i didn’t mean forever Yeah you were sure in a hurry To get out of this place I just wanted a change of weather I should’ve followed you then Uh, you couldn’t read my mind I should’ve listened closer baby Guess all you heard was goodbye If..


Don Williams – I Believe In You

I don’t believe in superstars, organic food or foreign cars I don’t believe the price of gold, the certainty of growing old That right is right and left is wrong, that north and south can’t get along That east is east and west is west, and being first is always best. But i believe in..


Danielle Peck – Isn’t That Everything

I might not have a million dollars in the bank But i’ve got food on my table and gas in my tank I might not have designer sheets on a king size bed But i lay down at night with a roof over my head Yeah, i’ve got friends who love me A big blue..


Chuck Wicks – All I Ever Wanted

[verse 1] Girl you got me goin’ Yeah i think you know it Oh i’m ready for this ride So c’mon take my hand ’cause, only you, you understand How to kick this feelin’ into… [chorus] Drive all night with me Sing my favorite song to sleep Under the stars on the hood of our..


Sugarland – Something More

Monday, Hard To Wake Up Fill My Coffee Cup, I’m Out The Door Yeah The Freeway, Standing Still Today Is Gonna Make Me Late, And That’s For Sure I’m Running Out Of Gas And Out Of Time Never Gonna Make It There By Nine There’s Gotta Be Something More Gotta Be More Than This I..


Steve Azar – Waitin’ On Joe

We’re supposed to start work down on the river today. And for joe and me, it’s some pretty good pay. Now, i was countin’ on him To be at the dock by ten. A week’s pay says he’s still at home, ’cause the boy’s in his own time zone I’m a waitin’ on joe, whaddya..