Brooks & Dunn – My Heart Is Lost To You

Maybe it was the moonlight The scent of you on the breeze Maybe it was your shadow that fell over me Such a beautiful stranger Eyes darker than coal Your first look crossed the desert Into my soul Mi corazon perdido en ti My heart is lost to you You have captured my love completely..


Miranda Lambert – The House That Built Me

I Know They Say You Cant Go Home Again. I Just Had To Come Back One Last Time. Ma’am I Know You Don’t Know Me From Adam. But These Handprints On The Front Steps Are Mine. And Up Those Stairs, In That Little Back Bedroom Is Where I Did My Homework And I Learned To..


Alan Jackson – Sissy’s Song

Why Did She Have To Go So Young I Just Don’t Know Why Things Happen Half The Time Without Reason Without Rhyme Lovely, Sweet Young Woman Daughter, Wife And Mother Makes No Sense To Me I Just Have To Believe. She Flew Up To Heaven On The Wings Of Angels By The Clouds And Stars..


Brooks & Dunn – Believe

Old man wrigley lived in that white house Down the street where i grew up Momma used to send me over with things We struck a freindship up I spent a few long summers out on his old porch swing. Says he was in the war when in the navy Lost his wife, lost his..


Darius Rucker – Come Back Song

I Woke Up Again This Morning And Wouldn’t You Know It… Pouring Rain I Went And Burned A Pot Of Coffee And Like That I Poured It Down The Drain ‘Cause I Didn’t Know I Needed You So And Letting You Go Was Wrong And Baby I Know You Got Your Radio On So This..


Gretchen Wilson – Love On The Line

Woke up cryin’ with pictures of you in my head Lyin’ next to the thing that you don’t know i did I could tell on myself but i don’t think that I have the nerve If i lose you i know that it’s what i deserve In a way i’m glad that my guilt keeps..


Chris Stapleton – Might As Well Get Stoned

[verse 1] Well, she said, she didn’t love me And kicked me out the door Now i’m livin’ in one room And sleepin’ on the floor Think i’m gonna kick my boots off And put some music on And since i’m all alone I might as well get stoned [chorus] I might as well get..