Aaron Tippin – If Heaven

If Heaven Was An Hour, It Would Be Twilight When The Fireflies Start Their Dancin On The Lawn And Suppers On The Stove And Mammas Laughin And Everybodys Workin Day Is Done If Heaven Was A Town It Would Be My Town On A Summer Day In 1985 And Everything I Wanted Was Out There..


Shelby Lynne – Heaven’s Only Days Down The Road

There will come a day when they gather and stand around Revel in the glory and my body in the ground There will be disciples and a shroud that covers me I won’t be afraid cause my soul has been set free 100 so miles from the mobile river Lord i can’t have her so..


David Nail – Half Mile Hill

Half mile hill, eight years old Standing on top with world below Me and my dad Talking man to man Suitcase packed, he was moving out Said, it’s no one’s fault, but i had my doubts And i have them still You can see the ball fields Watch the cars go round the courthouse See..


Sara Evans – Born To Fly

I Ve Been Telling My Dreams To The Scarecrow About The Places That I D Like To See I Say, “Friend, Do You Think I Ll Ever Get There?” Oh, But He Just Stands There Smiling Back At Me. So I Confessed My Sins To The Preacher About The Love I Ve Been Praying To..


Gretchen Wilson – Grandma

Grandma’s turning 92 That’s a lot of years ahead of you So, listen close to what i say ’cause grandma’s feeling old today She said i can’t believe i’m sitting here As old as i am Never been stoned I’ve waited too damn long So, bring it on Grandma’s gonna fly So, i rolled it..


Buddy Jewell – Help Pour Out The Rain (lacey’s Song)

La da da da de…… The moment was custom made to order I was riding with my daughter on our way back from monroe And like children do, she started playing twenty questions But i never would have guessed one could touch me to my soul She said daddy When we get to heaven can..


Billy Currington – Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right

A Woman Is A Mystery A Man Just Cant Understand Sometimes All It Takes To Please Her Is The Touch Of Your Hand N’ Other Times You Got To Take It Slow And Hold Her All Night Long Heaven Knows There’s So Many Ways A Man Can Go Wrong *chorus* Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right..