Craig Morgan – Love Loves A Long Night

Summer Dress Straps Slippin’ Off Of Her Shoulder A Blanket Of A Stars Is Lookin’ Us Over Here In The Dark Wrapped Up In Each Other’s Arms Moonlight Tickles Her Sun Kissed Skin She Smiles That Smile She Only Smiles When I’ve Done Somethin’ Right It’s Gonna Be A Long, Long Night Baby, Baby Love..


Shawn Mullins – Home

The funniest girl i ever knew Had hair as orange as halloween The bluest eyes that saw right through All the bs and everything She was an artist from the start And she always sang from the bottom of her heart And though her road was so long She finally made her way back home..


Brett Eldredge – Time Well Spent

I’ve been racing, chasing, caught up in the grind Damn near going out of my mind And it’s getting old real fast I need a new time zone, zip code, point of view I sat by the window seat and too (don’t fly with me) A drunken run so crowded And here we are Strangers,..


Lady Antebellum – When You Got A Good Thing

Verse 1: Everybody Keeps Telling Me I’m Such A Lucky Man, Looking At You Standing There I Know I Am. Barefooted Beauty With Eyes That Blue, Sunshine Sure Looks Good On You, I Swear. Oh I Can’t Believe I Finally Found Ya Baby, Happy Ever After After All This Time. Oh There’s Gonna Be Some..


Tom Thall – The Year That Clayton Delaney Died

I remember the year that clayton delaney died They said for the last two weeks that he suffered and cried It made a big impression on me, although i was a barefoot kid They said he got religion at the end and i’m glad that he did Clayton was the best guitar picker in our..


Brooks & Dunn – Red Dirt Road

I was raised off of rural route three, Out past where the blacktop ends. We’d walk to church on sunday mornings, Race barefoot back to johnson’s fence. That’s where i first saw mary, On that roadside picking blackberries. That summer i turned a corner in my soul, Down that red dirt road. Chorus: It’s where..


Chely Wright – Jezebel

I give him love the best i can But you don’t seem to understand It’s not always deep but it’s always true And he does not belong to you. Hey, i do not forgive and i do not forget I will fight for love until the death. Chorus: Jezebel save your charms He’ll be back..