Taylor Swift – Red

It Was A Long Goodbye, When You Let Me Go, I Held Onto You, And You Kissed Me Slow It Was Burning Bright, We Were Burning Bright Mm Mm Mm We Were Burning Bright, Our Hearts Were Set On Fire That Night, That Night Oh I Never Will Forget It Was Burning Red, Red, Red..


Taylor Swift – The Best Day

I’m Five Years Old And It’s Getting Cold I’ve Got My Big Coat On I Hear Your Laugh And Look Up Smiling At You I Run And Run Past The Pumpkin Patch And The Tractor Rides Look Now The Sky Is Gold I Hug Your Legs And Fall Asleep On The Way Home I Don’t..


Taylor Swift – Our Song

I Was Ridin’ Shotgun With My Hair Undone In The Front Seat Of His Car He’s Got A One Hand Feel On The Steering Wheel The Other On My Heart I Look Around, Turn The Radio Down He Says Baby Is Something Wrong? I Say Nothing I Was Just Thinking How We Don’t Have A..


Taylor Swift – Speak Now

I Am Not The Kind Of Girl Who Should Be Rudely Barging In On A White Veil Occasion But You Are Not The Kind Of Boy Who Should Be Marrying The Wrong Girl I Sneak In And See Your Friends And Her Snotty Little Family All Dressed In Pastel And She Is Yelling At A..


Taylor Swift – Ours

Elevator Buttons And Morning Air Stranger Silence Makes Me Wanna Take The Stairs If You Were Here We’d Laugh About Their Vacant Stares But Right Now, My Time Is Theirs Seems Like There’s Always Someone Who Disapproves They’ll Judge It Like They Know About Me And You And The Verdict Comes From Those With Nothing..


Taylor Swift – Tim McGraw

You Said The Way My Blue Eyes Shined Put Those Georgia Stars To Shame That Night I Said, That’s A Lie Just A Boy In A Chevy Truck, That Had A Tendency Of Gettin’ Stuck On Backroads At Night An’ I Was Right There Beside Him All Summer Long An’ Then The Time We Woke..


Taylor Swift – Sparks Fly

The Way You Move Is Like A Full On Rainstorm And I’m A House Of Cards You’re The Kind Of Reckless That Should Send Me Runnin’ But I Kinda Know That I Won’t Get Far And You Stood There In Front Of Me Just Close Enough To Touch Close Enough To Hope You Couldn’t See..