Maren Morris – My Church

[verse 1] I’ve cussed on a sunday I’ve cheated and i’ve lied I’ve fallen down from grace A few too many times But i find holy redemption When i put this car in drive Roll the windows down and turn up the dial [chorus] Can i get a hallelujah Can i get an amen Feels..


Maren Morris – 80s Mercedes

Verse 1 Still runs good, built to last Moves like a hula girl on the dash She ain’t made for practicality Yeah, i guess she’s just like me Pre-chorus It’s saturday night, about time to go Got my white leather jacket and a neon soul Once i turn on the radio i’m ready to roll..


Maren Morris – All That It Takes

It’s funny how the way You make me feel Boy when you’re near me I know that it’s real You make me feel warm You make me feel safe Lyin’ here with you It’s all that it takes, yeah It’s all that it takes, yeah I’ve never felt like this before Not sure on too..


Maren Morris – Once

[verse 1] Darling, please, we were too gone to stay Couldn’t get through the night, so we had to call it a day The words came out; they couldn’t be erased Saw the pain in your eyes, and i knew everything had changed [pre-chorus] I’m a traitor, i’m the cause I’m the breaker of your..


Maren Morris – I Wish I Was

[verse 1] On paper we go together I know that we look the part But almost never hangs on forever I know i’m breaking your heart [pre-chorus 1] So go on, say what you want to I’m not gonna stop you You can blame it all on me [chorus] I’m not the hero in the..


Maren Morris – Rich

If i had a dollar every time that i swore you off And a twenty every time that i picked up when you called And a crisp new benjamin for when you’re here then gone again And a dollar every time i was right about you after all Boy i’d be rich, head to toe..


Maren Morris – Sugar

[verse 1] Boy i’ve been cooking up one hell of a crush I’ve got you on my mind the minute i wake up You make the morning glow, make the rooster crow, get my juices flowing You know i got the spice but it ain’t enough [chorus] Baby would you be my sugar, sugar? Make..