Jon Pardi – She Ain’t In It

Appreciate your call, means a lot and all Yeah, i got a minute You and me can talk about anything you want As long as she ain’t in it Say, it’s been at least a month since i’ve had any fun Buddy, i’ll admit it Yeah, i might be going out Think i’m ready for..


Shelby Lynne – Your Lies

Your lies won’t leave me alone You used to say you loved me did ya Why’d you do me this way It didn’t have to be that way I got your message on the phone I hung on every single line You told me what we had was only business Hurt me so bad i..


The Uncle Bill Roach Band – The Toast Song

Words And Music By Mike Slagle Well Here’s Up To It,here’s Down To It.Anybody Who Can’t Do It Back Up,step Aside And Let Me Do It ’cause I’m Used To It Dogs Do It ’till They Die,birds Do It When They Fly So Let’s Get Drunk And Let’s Get High And Watch The Fur Fly..


The Band Perry – If I Die Young

If I Die Young, Bury Me In Satin Lay Me Down On A Bed Of Roses Sink Me In The River At Dawn Send Me Away With The Words Of A Love Song Lord Make Me A Rainbow, I’ll Shine Down On My Mother She’ll Know I’m Safe With You When She Stands Under My..


Alan Jackson – The Talkin’ Song Repair Blues

The Mechanic Raised Up From Under My Hood He Shook His Head And Said, ”this Ain’t Good Your Timin’ Belt’s Done, Shrunk One Size Too Small Those Spark Plug Wires Are A Little Too Long And Your Main Prodsponder’s Nearly Gone Your Injector Ports Are Stripped And That Ain’t All.” ”the Torque Converter’s Runnin’ Low..


Granger Smith – Likin’ Love Songs

She’s a dashboard dj Seatbelt hugging a white tank Blue eyed smile, spinning that dial And stops it on a love thing But when she starts moving, Yeah she knows what she’s doing [chorus:] She’s got me likin’ love songs Even got these old boots tapping along So pretty sitting shotgun, singing like whoa whoa..


Toby Keith – Honkytonk U

My Grandmother Owned A Nightclub On The Arkansas-oklahoma Line Momma Put Me On A Greyhound, And I Went To Stay With Her In The Summertime I’d Box Up Those Empty Longnecks And Stack ’em In The Back And Make A Hand Then At Night She’d Let Me Sneak Out Of The Kitchen And Sit In..