Brenda Lee – Coming On Strong

Comin’ on strong, comin’ on strong I can feel the heartaches Comin’ on strong I can feel the teardrops, the pain, and the sorrow Ever since you’ve been gone, they’ been Comin’ on strong. Pain, come on in, hello sorrow I see you’re back again Teardrops, glad you dropped by ’cause you can help drown..


Taylor Swift – Teardrops On My Guitar

Drew Looks At Me, I Fake A Smile So He Won’t See That I Want And I’m Needing Everything That We Should Be I’ll Bet She’s Beautiful, That Girl He Talks About And She’s Got Everything That I Have To Live Without Drew Talks To Me, I Laugh ’cause It’s Just So Damn Funny That..


Collin Raye – Anyone Else

Baby i bought wine and roses on my way home Yeah i know we can’t afford it but life doesn’t last too long This world has gone half-crazy And knocked us both to our knees I’m fumbling for the words to try to tell ya I love you for hangin’ onto me When anyone else..


Willie Nelson – Spanish Eyes

Blue spanish eyes teardrops are falling from your spanis eyes Please please don’t cry this is just adios and not goodbye Soon i’ll return bringing you all the love your heart can hold Please say si si say you and your spanish eyes will wait for me [ string ] Blue spanish eyes prettiest eyes..


Shelby Lynne – Killin’ Kind

I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. It was so careless of me. I guess i’ve gone and done it, It was just a matter of time. Nothing i can do but tell you i’m sorry, And that’s the hardest part of love. Cause your love’s the killin kind Your love’s the killin kind Oh..


Bob Dylan – When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky

Look out across the fields, see me returning, Smoke is in your eye, you draw a smile. From the fireplace where my letters to you are burning, You’ve had time to think about it for a while. Well, i’ve walked two hundred miles, now look me over, It’s the end of the chase and the..


Thomas Rhett – Craah And Burn

So i guess it’s over baby Déjà vu again Who’d have thought that time don’t stop And somehow girl, the world keeps spinning I guess i’ve turned myself into a solitary man Ain’t like i’m the only one That’s in the shoes that i am Do you hear that I’m right back At the sound..