Lady Antebellum – Need You Now

Picture Perfect Memories, Scattered All Around The Floor. Reaching For The Phone Cause, I Can’t Fight It Any More. And I Wonder If I Ever Cross Your Mind. For Me It Happens All The Time. It’s A Quarter After One, I’m All Alone And I Need You Now. I Said I Wouldn’t Call But I..


Alabama – How Do You Fall In Love

How Do You Fall In Love When Do You Say “i Do” When Is The Perfect Time To Spend The Rest Of Your Life Now Seasons May Come And Go Sometimes It Rains And Snows And There Will Be Highs And Lows So Only You Will Know. You Never Know Just Where It Will Find..


Alabama – She And I

She And I Live In Our Own Little World Don’t Worry About The World Outside She And I Agree She And I Lead A Perfectly Normal Life. Ah, But Just Because We Aren’t Often Seen Socially People Think We’ve Got Something To Hide But All Our Friends Know We’re Just A Little Old Fashioned, She..


Alabama – Close Enough To Perfect

Sometimes the morning coffee’s way too strong And sometimes what she says, she says all wrong. Right or wrong she’s there beside me, like only a friend would be And that’s close enough to perfect for me. Now, she’s been known to wear her pants too tight And drinkin’ puts her out just like a..


Kenny Chesney – The Boys Of Fall

I Feel That Chill, Smell That Fresh Cut Grass I’m Back In My Helmet, Cleats, And Shoulder Pads Standin’ In The Huddle Listenin’ To The Call Fans Goin’ Crazy For The Boys Of Fall They Didn’t Let Just Anybody In That Club Took Every Ounce Of Heart And Sweat And Blood To Get To Wear..


Alabama – Theres No Way

As I Lay By Your Side And Hold You Tonight I Want You To Understand, This Love That I Feel Is So Right And So Real, I Realize How Lucky I Am. And Should You Ever Wonder If My Love Is True, There’s Something That I Want To Make Clear To You. There’s No Way..


Alabama – Tennessee River

I was born across the river In the mountains where i call home. Lord, times were good there. Don’t know why i ever roamed. Oh, tennessee river and a mountain man, We get together anytime we can. Oh, tennessee river and a mountain man, We play together in mother nature’s band. Me and my woman’s..