Darius Rucker – This

Got a baby girl sleeping in my bedroom And her momma laughing in my arms There’s the sound of rain on the rooftop And the game’s about to start I don’t really know how i got here But i’m so glad that i did And it’s crazy to think that one little thing Could have..


Jason Aldean – Dont You Wanna Stay

I Really Hate To Let This Moment Go Touching Your Skin, And Your Hair Falling Slow When A Goodbye Kiss, Feels Like This Don’t You Wanna Stay Here A Little While? Don’t You Wanna Hold Each Other Tight? Don’t You Wanna Fall Asleep With Me Tonight? Don’t You Wanna Stay Here A Little While? We..


Sara Evans – Saints And Angels

We’re Only Human Baby We Walk On Broken Ground We Lose Our Way. We Come Unwound. We’re Turning Circles, Baby We’re Never Satisfied We Fall From Grace; Forget We Can Fly But Through All The Tears That We Cry We’ll Survive. ‘Cause When We’re Torn Apart Shattered And Scarred Love Has The Grace To Save..


Jason Aldean – Tonight Looks Good On You

You ain’t got a dress that i don’t like You ain’t got a pair of jeans that don’t fit you just right There’s not a minute in the day That you don’t knock me out, you don’t blow me away But, girl, now that the sun’s gone down (whoa-oh-oh) Looking at you right here and..


Corey Smith – Drugs

Caffeine in the morning, alcohol at night, Nicotine between the meals to curb my appetite, Oh, i’m not in denial, i’m perfectly all right Caffeine in the morning, alcohol at night. I take ambien at bed time, it helps me fall asleep, Tired of staring at the ceiling, I’m too old for counting sheep. But..


Barenaked Ladies – Falling For The First Time

I’m so cool, too bad I’m a loser I’m so smart, too bad I can’t get anything figured out I’m so brave, too bad I’m a baby I’m so fly, that’s probably why it Feels just like I’m falling for the first time I’m so green, it’s really amazing I’m so clean, too bad I..


Brad Paisley – Little Moments

(chris dubois/brad paisley) Well, i’ll never forget the first time that i heard That pretty mouth say that dirty word And i can’t even remember now What she backed my truck into But she covered her mouth and her face got red And she just looked so darn cute That i couldn’t even act like..