Blackhawk – Every Once In A While

When the moon is bright On a satruday night, There’s a thousand stars in the sky. On a winding road, Her memory flows. And she’ll face the fact, She wants to go back. She opens her heart to an old memory. She closes her eyes and she smiles. Just ask her if she ever still..


Don Gibson – Oh, Lonesome Me

Everybody’s going out and having fun I’m just a fool for staying home and having none I can’t get over how she set set me free, oh, lonesome me! A bad mistake i’m making by just hanging round I know that i should have some fun and paint the town A lovesick fool is blind..


Granger Smith – The Old Rock Church

Verse 1 When She Saw The Old Rock Church She Wanted Me To Think About Her In A White Dress Walking Down The Aisle She Was Crazy Beautiful An Angel Far From Typical What I Wouldn’t Give To Be That Guy So I Made My Mind Up Looking At Her Blue Eyes Promised Her I..


Lee Brice – Love Like Crazy

They Called Them Crazy When They Started Out Said Seventeen’s Too Young To Know What Love’s About They’ve Been Together Fifty Eight Years Now That’s Crazy He Brought Home Sixty Seven Bucks A Week Bought A Little Two Bedroom House On Maple Street Where She Blessed Him With Six More Mouths To Feed Now Thats..


Cledus T. Judd – Wives Do It All The Time

Oh gosh, here we go again A fella can’t get no rest around this joint Well, she got up this mornin’ at 6 a.m. She was as grumpy as can be Not a snowballs chance of sleepin’ late ‘cuz she started vacuuming Said: “get your lazy butt up cledus You gotta take me to the..


Stephanie Bentley – Who’s That Girl

Who’s that girl I believe i’ve seen that face before Who’s that girl I hardly recognize her anymore I don’t believe i’ve seen her lookin’ better Now she’s back and got her life together She ain’t draggin’ ’round the same old heartache She ain’t lookin’ through innocent eyes And though it’s clear in the mirror..


Collin Raye – Not That Different

She said, “we’re much too different, We’re from two seperate worlds.” And he admitted she was partly right. But in his heart’s defense, he told her What they had in common was strong enough to bond them for life. He said, “look behind your own soul and the person that you’ll see Just might remind..