Bellamy Brothers – Redneck Girl

Redneck girl likes to cruise in daddy’s pickup truck, And a redneck girl plays hard when she’s down on her luck, Living for friday afternoon, She’s gonna show one ol’ boy that weekend moon. And i pray that someday i will find me a redneck girl A redneck girl likes to stay out all night..


Corey Smith – You And Your Sweet Love

I wish you only knew all the days i’ve made it through Because of you and your sweet love I wish that i could count the times peace and comfort filled my mind Because of you and your sweet love. You’re what keeps me going the sun that lights my sky The rose that blooms..


Shenandoah – The Church On Cumberland Road

Just about a mile off of 109 There’s a little church sittin’ back in the pines I promised that girl she was gonna be mine I wouldn’t be surprised if she was standin’ there cryin’ Chorus: Wo-ah, i didn’t know this bored-out ford could go so slow Wo-ah, you got to put your foot down..


Brad Paisley – Start A Band

I never was a straight-laced straight-a student Teacher’s pet or child prodigy I wasn’t gonna get rich throwing a football It’d take too long to get a law degree So i sat down with mama and daddy They tried to talk some sense into my thick head But the best advice that i ever got..


Dustin Lynch – Rock You Sweet

Just holding your hand, while the sea breeze blows And the waves roll in, swaying those boats Girl it makes me think I’d like to rock you sweet Up ahead on the dock there’s a little jam band It’s not a far walk if you want to dance In your bare feet And i could..


Statler Brothers – How Great Thou Art

Oh, lord my god, when i in awesome wonder Consider all the worlds thy hands have made I see the stars, i hear the rolling thunder Thy art throughout the universe displayed. Then sings my soul my saviour god to thee How great thou art, how great thou art Then sings my song my saviour..


Brooks & Dunn – Beer Thirty

I got a six pack, got a single stem rose My baby’s dressed up she’s raring to go I got a jones for the moon and the jukebox I like to two step she likes to rock That clock on the wall it rings, it chimes It’s beer thirty, a honky tonk time Life’s too..