Cole Swindell – Let Me See Ya Girl

Bring the beat back. Yeah you got every guy in here Spinnin around spillin’ their beer. Bet you came out to have a good time What you say you leave your friends with mine? Oooh, ooh, they’ll be alright, ooh, i just wanna see you shine. Girl you’re tearin’ that dance floor up Let me..


Brett Eldredge – Lose My Mind

You put me on a roller coaster, fly me on a plane You send me to another planet, get inside my brain I knew right when i met you i would never be the same But i let you take me over, girl, so i’m the one to blame, oh You… make all my screws..


Michael Ray – Another Girl

She hung her halo up And put her boots on She got all prettied up Rockin’ in the mirror To a country song Girls in the driveway pickin’ her up She can hear that bass drum kickin’ All week long she been bottled up Like a time bomb ticking Aw, now look at her go..


Stealing Angels – Girls Gotcha Back

One day out of the blue my tears turned off like a faucet No more rolling down my cheeks I finally wear mascara again without the worry of a tragedy No more crumbling heart or clouds so dark No more anger, oh no Today i called up my girlfriends and said it’s over It’s finally..


Collin Raye – My Kind Of Girl

When i saw you buying cosmo and a hot rod magazine, I said to myself ‘now there’s a girl for me.’ And when i asked you to go for a ride, You stole my heart when you said, “if i can drive.” I said, “how ’bout some music?” You said, “you got any merle?” That’s..


Sonia Leigh – My Name Is Money

I can make a woman weak I can make a small man stand tall I can start wars And i can put an end to them all I can chain you down and i can set you free I can make you feel so high and bring you down to your knees My name is..


Lyle Lovett – Give Back My Heart

I’m a traveling man don’t tie me down There’s just too much living going all around A man he’s got to see what he can see I love the road and i love the air And i don’t worry hell i never care I love my women sometimes they love me. But i was got..