Kenny Chesney – Dont Blink

I Turned On The Evening News Saw An Old Man Being Interviewed Turnin’ 102 Today. Asked Him What’s The Secret To Life He Looked Up From His Old Pipe Laughed And Said All I Can Say Is: Don’t Blink, Just Like That You’re Six Years Old And You Take A Nap And You Wake Up..


Bucky Covington – I Wanna Be That Feeling

Your face lights up every time We talk about that one red light town. You grew up in. Your mind goes racin’ down that road When another memory takes a hold and you’re smilin’ Like you’re there again. You’re cruising through that parking lot With a couple friends hanging out the top And you remember..


Wynonna – My Strongest Weakness

The keeper of the gates of wisdom please let me in Cause i just can’t go through another heartache again Pretty lies and alibis – how could i be so blind Now i’m alone and scared to stand – slowly going out of my mind He was my strongest weakness i surrendered heart and soul..


Andy Griggs – You Wont Ever Be Lonely

Life may not always go your way And every once in awhile you might have a bad day But i promise you now you won’t ever be lonely The sky turns dark and everything goes wrong Run to me and i’ll leave the light on And i promise you now you won’t ever be lonely..


Sara Evans – Cheatin

You Say Your Every Day Is A Bad Dream That Keeps Repeatin Maybe You Should Ve Thought About That When You Were Cheatin How Do You Like That Furnished Room, The Bed, The Chair, The Table The TV Picture Comes And Goes, Too Bad You Don T Have Cable How Do You Like That Paper..


Sugarland – Everyday America

Grew Up On A Tightrope Leared To Smile Even When I Was Fallin’ Down Daddy Had A Hard Hand And Momma Always Had Hope And Me And My Sister Couldn’t Wait To Get Out I Fell In Love Out Of College A Good Man But A Bad Year Visions Of Sugar Plums And Boxes Of..


The Uncle Bill Roach Band – Back From Iraq

Standing In Line At LAX, I Was On My Way Home There Was A Soldier There In Front Of Me Had His Desert Camos On I Said “Hey! You Comin’ Or You Goin’?” He Said “I’m Goin’ To Iraq I’ve Got A Five Day Old Son Back In Lubbock And I Just Can’t Wait To..