Shania Twain – I’m Gonna Getcha Good!

Let’s Go! Don’t Wantcha For The Weekend – Don’t Wantcha For A Night I’m Only Interested If I Can Have You For Life – Yeah Uh, I Know I Sound Serious – And Baby I Am You’re A Fine Piece Of Real Estate, And I’m Gonna Get Me Some Land Oh, Yeah So, Don’t Try..


Shania Twain – Ka-ching!

We Live In A Greedy Little World That Teaches Every Little Boy And Girl To Earn As Much As They Can Possibly Then Turn Around And Spend It Foolishly We’ve Created Us A Credit Card Mess We Spend The Money We Don’t Possess Our Religion Is To Go And Blow It All So It’s Shoppin’..


Shania Twain – When

If Elephants Could Fly, I’d Be A Little More Optimistic But I Dont See That Happenin’ Any Time Soon I Don’t Mean To Sound So Pessimistic But I Dont Think That Cow Really Jumped Over The Moon When Will I Wake Up? Why Did We Break Up? When Will We Make Up? When Money Grows..


Shania Twain – Don’t!

Don’t! Don’t You Wish We’d Tried? Do You Feel What I Feel Inside? You Know Our Love Is Stronger Than Pride No! Don’t Let Your Anger Grow Just Tell Me What You Need Me To Know Please Talk To Me — Don’t Close The Door Cause’ I Wanna Hear You, Wanna Be Near You (chorus:)..


Shania Twain – Any Man Of Mine

This Is What A Woman Wants… Any Man Of Mine Better Be Proud Of Me Even When I’m Ugly He Still Better Love Me And I Can Be Late For A Date Thats Fine But He Better Be On Time Any Man Of Mine’ll Say It Fits Just Right When Last Years Dress Is Just..


Shania Twain – No One Needs To Know

Am I Dreamin’ Or Stupid? I Think I’ve Been Hit By Cupid But No One Needs To Know Right Now I Met A Tall, Dark And Handsome Man And I’ve Been Busy Makin’ Big Plans But No One Needs To Know Right Now I Got My Heart Set, My Feet Wet And He Don’t Even..


Shania Twain – Home Ain’t Where His Heart Is

He Knew How To Reach Me Deep Inside And He Found A Part Of Me I Could Not Hide. And We’d Walk And Talk And Touch Tenderly Then He’d Lay Me Down And Make Love To Me We Built A Love So Strong It Couldn’t Break There Was Not A Road We Were Afraid To..