Shania Twain – What Made You Say That

Maybe Tonight I’m Gonna Tell Him How I Feel Maybe I’ll Leave Well Enough Alone Maybe, Just Maybe, He’ll Want To Be My Baby What If He’s Got Plans Of His Own? I’m Waiting For The Perfect Moment Looking For The Perfect Phrase The One I Finally Choose Is Simply “i Love You” As The..


Shania Twain – Come On Over

Get A Life, Get A Grip Get Away Somewhere, Take A Trip Take A Break, Take Control Take Advice From Someone You Know Come On Over, Come On In Pull Up A Seat, Take A Load Off Your Feet Come On Over, Come On In You Can Unwind, Take A Load Off Your Mind Make..


Shania Twain – Dance With The One That Brought You

Well He Shines Like A Penny In A Little Kids Hand When He’s Out On A Saturday Night He’s A Real Go-getter And The Best Two-stepper You’ll See But When I’m Sittin’ Alone At A Table For Two ’cause He’s Already Out On The Floor I Think About Somethin’ That My Mama Used To Say..


Shania Twain – Man! I Feel Like A Woman

Let’s Go Girls! I’m Going Out Tonight – I’m Feelin’ Alright Gonna Let It All Hang Out Wanna Make Some Noise – Really Raise My Voice Yeah, I Wanna Scream And Shout No Inhibitions – Make No Conditions Get A Little Outta Line I Ain’t Gonna Act Politically Correct I Only Wanna Have A Good..


Shania Twain – I’m Gonna Getcha Good!

Let’s Go! Don’t Wantcha For The Weekend – Don’t Wantcha For A Night I’m Only Interested If I Can Have You For Life – Yeah Uh, I Know I Sound Serious – And Baby I Am You’re A Fine Piece Of Real Estate, And I’m Gonna Get Me Some Land Oh, Yeah So, Don’t Try..


Shania Twain – Ka-ching!

We Live In A Greedy Little World That Teaches Every Little Boy And Girl To Earn As Much As They Can Possibly Then Turn Around And Spend It Foolishly We’ve Created Us A Credit Card Mess We Spend The Money We Don’t Possess Our Religion Is To Go And Blow It All So It’s Shoppin’..


Shania Twain – When

If Elephants Could Fly, I’d Be A Little More Optimistic But I Dont See That Happenin’ Any Time Soon I Don’t Mean To Sound So Pessimistic But I Dont Think That Cow Really Jumped Over The Moon When Will I Wake Up? Why Did We Break Up? When Will We Make Up? When Money Grows..