Sons Of The Desert – What About You

My alarm clock in the trash can At three a.m. last night I don’t need no wake-up call ’cause i can’t close my eyes When i do you’re all i see and all i dream about Girl you’ve started a fire in me and i can’t put it out I think it’s the real thing..


Sons Of Sylvia – Love Left To Lose

Here it is The last day of my life and i’m jumping in. Here it is One step into space and i’m falling in. And i ain’t gotta parachute, I ain’t gotta parachute Like you, It was you. You and me, We have our own world where i wanna be, Oh when i’m hurting you..


Josh Turner – Another Try

All The Things I Felt And Never Shared All The Times That She Was Lonely With Me There The Tears I Wouldn’t Let Fall From My Eyes And How I Let Her Go Without A Fight The Reasons I’m Alone I Know By Heart But I Don’t Want To Spend Forever In The Dark I..


Billy Ray Cyrus – Some Gave All

I Knew A Man Called Him Sandy Kane Few Folks Even Knew His Name But A Hero Was He Left A Boy, Came Back A Man Still Many Just Don’t Understand About The Reasons We Are Free I Can’t Forget The Look In His Eyes Or The Tears He Cries As He Said These Words..


Jimmy Driftwood – Where Is The River Gone

I Used To Live By An Untamed River In The Spot Where Life Was A Beautiful Dream A Gift To Man By The Almighty Giver But Now, The Army Engineers Have Turned My Home To A Vale Of Tears Where Only God Could Ever Find That Lovely Stream On The Grassy Bank Of Spring Fed..


Sugarland – Everyday America

Grew Up On A Tightrope Leared To Smile Even When I Was Fallin’ Down Daddy Had A Hard Hand And Momma Always Had Hope And Me And My Sister Couldn’t Wait To Get Out I Fell In Love Out Of College A Good Man But A Bad Year Visions Of Sugar Plums And Boxes Of..


Brooks & Dunn – You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone

I’m still hurting from the last time You walked on this heart of mine. I can’t find much to believe in, You let me down so many times. Heaven knows how much i love you, But i’m tired of holding on. You better kiss me, ’cause you’re gonna miss me when i’m gone. There’s not..