Jimmy Driftwood – Where Is The River Gone

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"Beautiful Buffalo River" by Jimmy Driftwood

Jimmy Driftwood: Where Is The River Gone Lyrics

I Used To Live By An Untamed River
In The Spot Where Life Was A Beautiful Dream
A Gift To Man By The Almighty Giver
But Now, The Army Engineers
Have Turned My Home To A Vale Of Tears
Where Only God Could Ever Find That Lovely Stream

On The Grassy Bank Of Spring Fed Waters
I Washed My Feet In The Babbling Brook
My Father Raised His Sons And Daughters
And Where He Grew His Fields Of Corn
Went To Church On Sunday Morn’
I Can Only See In Mem’ries Picture Book

Where Oh Where, Where Oh Where Is The River Gone
It Used To Sing So Sweetly, From The Darkness To The Dawn
I’d Loved To See, Loved To See It Rolling On
Oh Where Oh Where, Oh Where Oh Where Is The River Gone


The Flowers Bloomin’ In The Valley
All The Lovely Things, Mother Nature Gave
The Sacred Spot Where I Loved Pretty Sally
They Are Always On My Mind
I Know, I’ll Never Find, For They Are Gone
Forever To A Watery Grave

If We Could Save One Untamed River
For The Million, Yet Unborn To See
We’d Be Akin To The Almighty Giver
And When My Race On Earth Was Done
I Could Face That Setting Sun
Knowing God And All The World Was Proud Of Me

Song lyrics for Where Is The River Gone by Jimmy Driftwood. You can sing while listening to the song Where Is The River Gone performed by Jimmy Driftwood.