Sugarland – Stuck Like Glue

Mmmm Better…mmmm Better… Absolutely No One That Knows Me Better No One That Can Make Me Feel Sooo Goooood How Did We Stay So Long Together? When Everybody, Everybody Said We Never Would And Just When I, I Start To Think They’re Right That Love Has Died… [chorus:] There You Go Making My Heart Beat..


Sugarland – Baby Girl

They Say, This Town The Stars Stay Up All Night Well I Don’t Know, Can’t See ’em For The Glow Of The Neon Lights And It’s A Long Way From Here To The Place Where The Home Fires Burn Well, It’s Two Thousand Miles And One Left Turn Dear Mom And Dad, Please Send Money..


Sugarland – Everyday America

Grew Up On A Tightrope Leared To Smile Even When I Was Fallin’ Down Daddy Had A Hard Hand And Momma Always Had Hope And Me And My Sister Couldn’t Wait To Get Out I Fell In Love Out Of College A Good Man But A Bad Year Visions Of Sugar Plums And Boxes Of..


Sugarland – Settlin’

Fifteen Minutes Left To Throw Me Together For Mr. Right Now, Not Mr. Forever Don’t Know Why I Even Try When I Know How It Ends Lookin’ Like Another “maybe We Can Be Friends.” I’ve Been Leaving It Up To Fate It’s My Life So It’s Mine To Make Chorus: I Ain’t Settlin’ For Just..


Sugarland – Joey

What If I Said Yes What If I’d Gone Out That Night What If You’d Turned Left Everything Would’ve Turned Out Alright What If I’d Spoke Up What’d If I’d Took The Keys What If I Had Tried A Little Harder Instead Of Always Trying To Please Joey I’m So Sorry Ohh Can You Hear..


Sugarland – Down In Mississippi

Friday, Payday, Lordy Got To Get Away Had It With The Wife Thing, Living On A Shoe String What’s A Poor Girl Got To Do Just To Have Some Fun Well, All These Years Without Any Help Guess What, Honey, Clothes Just Don’t Wash Themselves Neither Do Dishes, Neither Does The Bathroom Floor So, Now..


Sugarland – All I Want To Do

I Don’t Want To Get Up Baby, Let’s Turn Off The Phone I Don’t Want To Go To Work Today Or Even Put My Makeup On I Got Better Things To Do Than My To Do List Anyway Hide Under The Covers And Waste Away The Day Let’s Just Lay Here And Be Lazy, Baby..